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About Joshua Kupietzky

Joshua Kupietzky has a passion for aviation and deep expertise in the aviation industry. He’s been enamored with the facts and figures of the airline industry, and the details of the make and model of commercial aircraft for as long as he can remember. Based in Chicago, US. 

Jet2 A321neo taxiing 1
Jet2 Airbus A321neo Diverts to Antalya After Engine Flames Spotted

A Jet2 A321neo was on its way to Manchester when an issue occurred with one of its engines, prompting a diversion.

Juneau Airport Alaska Aerial View 1
Why Is Alaska's Juneau International Airport So Challenging To Fly Into?

From its remarkable scenery to its challenging approach, we look at what it takes to land at Juneau Airport.

Hawker 4000 landing  1
On This Month In 2001: The Hawker 4000 Private Jet Makes Its First Flight

The story of the Hawker 4000 business jet.

British Airways low-cost Go Fly Airlines 737-300 taking off 1
Was Selling Low Cost Carrier 'GO' BA's Greatest Mistake?

British Airways sold Go in a historic move just 22 years ago.

La Compagnie’s first A321neo 1
Why La Compagnie's All Business Class Model Works

A look into why La Compagnie's business model is so successful.

Two Southwest Airlines Boeing 737s, one taxiing and the other taking off. 1
Airlines Issue Waivers As Hurricane Hilary Causes Disruptions On The West Coast

To limit the impact of disruptions caused by Hurricane Hilary, US carriers will offer waivers to the typical rebooking fees.

American Airlines Airbus A321neo airplanes at LAX 1
$7.6 Billion Worth: July US Travel Agency Airline Ticket Sales Rise 11% Year On Year

Travel agencies are reporting that an average ticket price is lowering as passengers return to the skies.

Inside the cockpit of a Hurricane Hunter aircraft  1
Here's Why The US Government Flies Aircraft Into Hurricanes

Hurricanes Hunters help provide real-time data to the NHC.

A Boeing 747-8 BBJ about to land. 1
Top 5: The Most Expensive Private Jets In 2023

From the 'modest' Global 8000 right up to the massive 747-8.

A 737 taxiing at Newark Liberty International Airport with the Manhattan skyline in the background. 1
Why Does The New York Area Have So Many Airports?

New York needs all the capacity it can handle.

British Airways and Iberia aircraft side by side. 1
How IAG Is Continuing To Innovate In Aviation With Hangar 51 Program

The group hopes to attract startups through more than financial investments.

Belavia 737 MAX in flight 1
Belavia Inaugurates 1st Scheduled Route Between Minsk & Delhi

Delhi will now be connected with Minsk with Belavia's latest connection.

VSS Unity takes-off from spaceport America, New Mexico for the Galactic 02 mission. 1
History Made: Virgin Galactic Performs 1st Private Astronaut Space Flight

On Thursday, Virgin Galactic operated its first private space flight for tourists.

AnadoluJet Boeing 737 landing  1
Why A Beirut-Bound Anadolujet Boeing 737 Engine Was Forced To Shut Down

An Anadolujet Boeing 737-800 was on its way to Beirut when an issue occurred with one of its engines, forcing a diversion.

View of Concourse B from ATC Tower 1
Passenger Experience: 6 Design Priorities For Airports

An inside look to how airports are designed.

Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 | D-AIXN 1
Pay Rise: Lufthansa Reaches Long-Term Deal With Pilots

The agreement will see pilots' salaries increase up to 18% over the next four years.

An ANA Boeing 787 just after takeoff. 1
"Rotate!" - Why Pilots Say This On Takeoff

Insight on the often-repeated pilot lingo used during takeoff.

A Bombardier Challenger 850 coming in for landing. 1
6 Cool Things Inside Jay-Z's Private Jet: A Bombardier Challenger 850

Jay-Z owns one of the best-performing business jets available.

Passengers manuvering through airport security. 1
Do Medical Metal Plates & Pins Set Off Detectors At Airport Security?

A closer look at security procedures for passengers with internal medical implants.

Many American Airlines aircraft parked at gates. 1
Five US Airports That Are Perfectly Located For Sports Fans

Have you traveled to or through any of these destinations?

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