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A Tui aircraft being pushed back. 1
Why Do Flight Departure Times Refer To Pushback Rather Than Takeoff?

And why it isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

United Airlines Boeing 777-200 1
NTSB Says Miscommunication Led To United Airlines' Boeing 777 Dive Near Maui

The aircraft reportedly went into a dramatic nose dive toward the ocean.

An ANA Boeing 787 just after takeoff. 1
"Rotate!" - Why Pilots Say This On Takeoff

Insight on the often-repeated pilot lingo used during takeoff.

A Horizon Air Embraer 175 climbing out of Ted Steven's Anchorage Int'l. 1
Blasting Off: Examining An Airliner's Required Climb Profile

The four climb segments applied to every takeoff.

Pilots operate flights at all hours - often late nights and early mornings. 1
Will Rising Temperatures Impact Aircraft Takeoffs?

With less lift in higher temperatures, take-off runs could be longer, or payload restricted.

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A Thai Airways Boeing 787 flies above a large bird on approach.  1
How Are Pilots Trained To Handle Bird Strikes?

Dealing with unavoidable wildlife encounters.

An A350-1000 about to touch down on a snowy runway. 1
How Is A Runway's Condition Assessed & Reported?

A runway's condition determines the braking performance of an aircraft.

Airplane In Fog 1
Flying In Fog: What Procedures Are In Place To Keep Planes & Their Occupants Safe?

How modern technology and standardized procedures help pilots deal with the challenges of flying in fog conditions.

In safe hands, a pilot navigates the trust levers of a Boeing 747. 1
What Is A Flight Envelope And How Is It Determined?

The flight envelope determines the design capabilities based on airspeed, load factors, and maneuverability.

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 1
What Happens When An Aircraft's Engine Fails: A Pilot's Perspective

An engine failure in a multi-engine aircraft is a rare event. However, it can still happen.

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Aeroméxico Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner XA-ADL 2 1
What Is Lift-To-Drag Ratio And How Is It Optimized At Different Phases Of Flight?

The lift-to-drag ratio must be optimized for each phase of flight.

Alaska Air Cargo Boeing 737-790(BDSF) N627AS (1) 1
Why Takeoff Is The Most Crucial Part Of A Flight?

The aircraft must be configured appropriately for its weight, runway length, and environmental conditions.

Boeing MAX7 1
Why Do Aircraft Take Off And Land Into The Wind?

Taking off and landing in the wind is a priority for aircraft, dictating everything from runway direction to speeds.

Praetor 600 1
Aircraft Lighting: The Rules And Roles

The lighting system on an aircraft is a key system.

Korean Air A330 on the ground after crash in Cebu 1
Why Runway Excursions Happen & How They Can Be Prevented

Runway excursion-related accidents and incidents are more common than we usually think.

Lufthansa_787_Take-Off_089_Full_Res_JPG 1
Tail Strikes: A Pilot's Perspective

A few weeks back, we heard the news of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 suffering from a tail strike during landing.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 1
How Pilots Set Engine Power When Taking Off

Setting the thrust incorrectly could lead to a major accident where an aircraft could even veer off the runway.

A Transavia Boeing 737 with a very obvious wake vortex. 1
The Dangers of Wake Turbulence And How It's Managed By Pilots

An aircraft that encounters the tip vortices of another aircraft, can experience something called wake turbulence.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 1
The Main Sources Of Aircraft Noise & The Steps Taken To Reduce Them

Lets take a look at what causes noise from airplanes and what measures are taken to abate its impact.

Landing_gear_on_a_Malaysian_Airlines_Airbus_A330-300 1
How Aircraft Braking Systems Work And Keep Cool

The brakes of a large aircraft are required to absorb a huge amount of energy during landing and in the event of a rejected takeoff.