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While much of our news focuses on commercial aviation, there's still a place for news and analysis of private aviation. You'll find that here!


Cessna Citation Landing In Budapest 1
How Do You Become A Flight Attendant On A Private Jet?

Exmaing the secrets of finding work on private jets.

Oxfor  Airport ATC Tower 1
Why London Oxford Airport Is An Important Hub For Private Jet Traffic In The UK

In contrast to its complete lack of scheduled commercial flights, the facility is the fourth-busiest private jet airport in the United Kingdom.

A Gulfstream G450 rests on the stand at Frederick Municipal Airport. 1
6 Ways In Which Private Jet Operators Differ From Commercial Airlines

Seats are booked for commercial travel, jets are booked for private travel.

VistaJet Bombardier Challenger Parked In Moscow 1
Why Private Jets Usually Fly Higher

Flying at higher altitudes offers private jets several operational efficiencies.

A Business Jet Parked At Teteboro Airport. 1
Where Do Private Jets Land?

Private jets can use "normal" commercial airports as well as dedicated private facilities.

A private Gulfstream G650ER jet shown moments before landing at the Los Angeles International Airport. 1
Here's How Many Private Jets There Are In The USA

More than any other country on the planet.

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A Vistajet Bombardier Global 6000 parked at an airport. 1
How High Do Private Jets Fly?

Private jets typically operate at higher altitudes.

A Bombardier Global 8000 flying high in the sky. 1
Here's How Far Private Jets Can Fly

The Gulfstream G800 and Bombardier Global 8000 will be two of the longest-range private jets.

A Cessna Citation X flying in the sky. 1
How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

Some business aircraft are very fast.

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A Look At The Blended Wing Body Bombardier Ecojet

A blended-wing aircraft has advantages and disadvantages.

Private jet taking off in California 1
Top 3 Ways To Track Private Jets

Three top trackers to satiate your flight-following curiosity

Bombardier 7500 1
How Much Do Private Jets Cost?

A look at how much private jets cost, and whether it is better to rent.

A Dassault Falcon 900 parked at an airport. 1
A VistaJet Bombardier Global 6000 taxiing to the runway. 1
An Embraer Phenom 300E parked right outside of an aircraft hangar. 1
The Fastest & Longest Range Single Pilot Jet: A Look At The Embraer Phenom 300E

The latest variant of the Brazilian manufacturer's Phenom 300 family.

A Boeing 747-8 BBJ about to land. 1
Top 5: The Most Expensive Private Jets In 2023

From the 'modest' Global 8000 right up to the massive 747-8.

A Bombardier Global 7500 flying in the sky. 1
Pilatus_SB-2_HB-AEP 1
80+ Years Of Success: A Brief History Of Pilatus Aircraft

For more than 80 years, Pilatus has been building planes in Switzerland.

A Business Jet parked at Teterboro Airport. 1
5 Reasons Renting A Private Jet Is Better Than Buying

There may be more benefits to renting a private jet than one might initially imagine.