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Why Amsterdam Schiphol Airport's Drive For Quality Improvement Could Raise Ticket Prices

The airport is looking to make improvements, but this could result in an increase in ticket prices.

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$7.6 Billion Worth: July US Travel Agency Airline Ticket Sales Rise 11% Year On Year

Travel agencies are reporting that an average ticket price is lowering as passengers return to the skies.

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Flair Airlines Will Save Canadian Passengers $300 Million This Year

The airline’s CEO said other airlines have attempted to offer more competitive fares.

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Airline Ticket Prices Rise Twice The Rate Of Inflation

With an increase of 27.4% in February, travelers looking to jet off may need to pay a little more than usual.

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Average US Domestic Fares Increased 14.1% In 2022

Average US domestic airfares have increased considerably in the past two years, but they are still below their pre-pandemic peak of $403.

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AirAsia CEO: High Ticket Fares Here To Stay

The classic supply and demand economics comes into play, much to passengers' dismay.

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Flying Is Cheap: How Airline Yields Have Fallen In Five Decades

Why have airline yields continued to fall, and what impact has this had on airlines around the world?

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American Express Global Business Travel Anticipates Rising Airfare In 2023

The airfare prices in 2023 could be much higher than any business traveler is expecting.

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These Are The Most Expensive US Airports To Fly From Right Now

With the aviation industry still feeling the impact of COVID-19 and rising fuel costs, ticket prices are higher than ever in the United States.

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A Perfect Thanksgiving Storm? Here's Why Travel Could Be More Expensive Than You Thought

This Thanksgiving is predicted to be one of the most expensive holidays for air travel in history.

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Willie Walsh Says Prices Will Need To Rise To Meet Net-Zero Goals

The IATA Director General says that "without question," flying will become more expensive.

50 Years Of Airfares: The Evolution Of Price And What You Got In 1970 Vs Now

As the aviation industry changed dramatically, prices have changed too.

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Air India Invests In Digital Fare Pricing Product To Stay In Competition

The airline expects to gain important insights into competitive ticket pricing with its latest investment.

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US Travel Agency Air Ticket Prices Rise 33% In A Year

Travel agencies are reporting huge rises in average ticket prices as passengers return and costs surge.

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Bookings Drop As Flight Prices Soar Almost 50% Since January

US domestic flight prices have skyrocketed over recent months. What impact is this having on bookings?

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Rising Air Fares: Are Higher Flight Prices The 'New Normal'?

Rising airfares are causing many passengers to wince, but is this a permanent change or just part of the huly burly of the airline industry?

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Michael O’Leary Responds To Accusations Of Price Increases For Ukrainian Refugees

The Ryanair boss says ticket prices are consistent with the airline's business practices and that there are 'loads of cheap flights out there'.

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