Many celebrities and VIPs use private jets – either rented or owned – for convenient travel. These offer luxury and privacy, as well as speed and flexibility. Jay-Z owns his own Bombardier Challenger 850 jet, one of the top private jets on the market.

Jay-Z is an American rap artist, producer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in the 1990s and is now widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers ever. In 2012, Jay-Z's wife, superstar singer Beyonce, purchased the jet for $40 million as a Father's Day gift. The outside of the aircraft is adorned with the monogram S. Carter, in honor of Jay-Z's real name Shawn Carter. Here are six cool things inside Jay-Z's private jet.

A Bombardier Challenger 850 flying in the sky.
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1 Master bedroom

One of the most important things about flying privately is the privacy. This aircraft includes a master bedroom for Jay-Z, which boasts a king-sized bed with extra padding around the edges for comfort and safety. This bedroom is perfect for Jay-Z and Beyoncé's busy work schedules, as it allows the ability to rest up while travel across the globe.

In addition to the primary bedroom, the aircraft can sleep up to seven passengers. This is especially helpful as the plane has a range of 3,235 miles and can fly for six and a half hours, meaning that on long nighttime flights, there is room for everyone to get a good night's sleep.

2 Plenty of seating

The 87ft long aircraft can seat up to sixteen passengers and has plenty of room for Jay-Z's family and an entire staff team. This makes it easy for Jay-Z and his guests to stretch their legs during a long flight. The seating configuration of the aircraft is customized to combine family time and relaxation with the rapper's business needs.

The Interior of a Bombardier Challenger 850.
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In the main section of the cabin, there is a table that seats four, roomy passenger seating, and a spacious divan. The large single chairs provide space and comfort for travelers to sit back and relax. A couch can also double as a place to lie down. Traveling can often be stressful, so sitting down to relax is vital.

3 Full kitchen

Unlike commercial airplanes, where the food is made ahead of time and has a tasteless reputation, Jay-Z's jet features a well-equipped kitchen. Passengers on this jet will be provided with more than just a packet of pretzels or peanuts. A full kitchen is onboard with staff to make either of the pop superstars and their guests whatever they wish. The kitchen includes all the amenities needed to cook a delicious meal, such as a sink, fridge, cabinets, counter space, and more.

Furthermore, there is a fully stocked bar full of the finest alcoholic beverages. Needless to say, Jay-Z and his family do not have to worry about unsatisfying airplane food as their chef can prepare a healthy meal for the family while en route to their destination.

4 Two full bathrooms

One of the worst feelings when flying is waiting to use the bathroom. To avoid this, the aircraft has two full bathrooms, one in the front and one in the back. Unlike regular airplane bathrooms, these bathrooms are spacious and include showers, sinks, mirrors, and a toilet. The showers onboard are equipped with hot and cold water and the capacity for multiple showers per flight.

Each bathroom has a dedicated vanity area for the music artists to prepare. These bathrooms provide complete privacy and have enough room to move around. In addition, there is a baggage compartment next to the lavatory at the back of the plane. Unlike commercial flights, Jay-Z and his family can access their checked bags in-flight as there is a door to the baggage compartment from the cabin.

5 Living room

While the aircraft has a large forward galley, a center lounge can turn into an entertainment room, lounge, or stateroom. The living room includes a large flat-screen television that has access to all the channels and can stream movies and shows. Furthermore, Jay-Z can watch all his favorite sports teams play live on tv, so he never has to miss a game.

It is crucial to have entertainment on long flights as it helps the time go by. The living room includes a digital cabin entertainment system that Jay-Z and his family can use. There are touchscreen controls, fast WiFi, and phone access so Jay-Z can dial into conference calls thirty thousand feet in the air.

6 Leather interior

Lastly, the Challenger 850 came with an executive-seating configuration allowing Jay-Z to handle business meetings in the air. That said, the comfortable leather seats can be reconfigured to accommodate the purpose of the trip and the number of passengers traveling on the jet.

The interior is nothing short of amazing. The color scheme inside the cabin is fit for royalty, with neutral tones on the walls, gold trim, and cream handcrafted leather seats. It doesn't stop there as the floor is soft dark-brown with patterned white squares.

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