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Oxfor  Airport ATC Tower 1
Why London Oxford Airport Is An Important Hub For Private Jet Traffic In The UK

In contrast to its complete lack of scheduled commercial flights, the facility is the fourth-busiest private jet airport in the United Kingdom.

A Gulfstream G450 rests on the stand at Frederick Municipal Airport. 1
6 Ways In Which Private Jet Operators Differ From Commercial Airlines

Seats are booked for commercial travel, jets are booked for private travel.

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5 Food & Drink Items That Are Symbolic Of Modern Commercial Aviation

A look at certain items of food and drink that are popular on airlines.

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Why Private Jets Usually Fly Higher

Flying at higher altitudes offers private jets several operational efficiencies.

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Why Is Alaska's Juneau International Airport So Challenging To Fly Into?

From its remarkable scenery to its challenging approach, we look at what it takes to land at Juneau Airport.

A Bombardier CRJ200 taxiing to the runway. 1
Top 5: The World's Oldest Active Bombardier CRJ100/200 Series Jets

These aging twinjets serve a wide variety of operators.

An Emirates Airbus A380 taking off. 1
5 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Dubai International Airport

With over 40 million passengers handled just this year, Dubai International is one of the largest global hubs.

A private Gulfstream G650ER jet shown moments before landing at the Los Angeles International Airport. 1
Here's How Many Private Jets There Are In The USA

More than any other country on the planet.

A British Airways Concorde taxiing to the gate. 1
Throwback: 5 Famous Frequent Concorde Passengers

Concorde's celebrity passenger list was long and distinguished.

A British Airways Airbus A380 Taxiing At London Heathrow Airport. 1
Top 5: The British Airways Aircraft Types With The Largest Club World Cabins

There is considerable diversity among the premium cabins in the UK flag carrier's widebody fleet.

A KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-Jet flying in the sky. 1
The World's Oldest Continually-Active Airline: KLM's Fleet In 2023

The Dutch flag carrier will turn 104 years old in a couple of months.

A Boeing 777-200LR in house livery about to land. 1
What Are The Oldest Boeing 777s In Service?

Next year will mark 30 years since the type's first flight.

United Airlines Boeing 777 At DEN 1
A Look At The Planned US-Ireland Market In May 2024

Currently, 1,849 flights are scheduled between the two nations in May 2024, including the newly-announced routes.

KLM Airbus A330 Landing In Vancouver 1
What Are The Oldest Planes Flying For KLM?

Some of the Dutch flag carrier's aircraft have been active for more than two decades.

Airbus A319neo Taking Off 1
Which Airlines Have Ordered The Airbus A319neo?

The type hasn't sold as well as its larger classmates.

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An Icelandair Boeing 737 MAX Taxiing In Tenerife. 1
Which Icelandair Planes Have The Largest Business Class Cabins?

The Icelandic flag carrier's premium cabins vary by type.

A Schengen Arrivals sign at an airport. 1
3 Key Reasons Why Flying In The Schengen Area Is As Easy As Traveling Domestically

Traveling throughout the Schengen Area is incredibly easy. Here are three reasons why.

A Bombardier Global 7500 flying in the sky. 1
What Airplanes Does Warren Buffett's Private Jet Business NetJets Own?

NetJets has over 700 aircraft in its fleet.

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A310 Taxiing At Shannon Airport. 1
What Happened To Delta Air Lines' Airbus A310s?

The carrier flew two different variants of the type.

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A slightly blurry photo of an airliner cabin. 1
5 Little Things That Make Airline Passengers Smile

Customer satisfaction may not be so difficult afterall.