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10 Types Of Food That Passengers Can't Take On Aircraft

Be careful what snacks you pack for your flight -- they might not be allowed through security.

Phoenix International Airport, American Airlines Aircraft taxing after landing at PHX Domestic Terminal 1
Passengers At Sky Harbor Can Now Reserve A Time To Go Through TSA Checkpoint

The airport is officially launching a new virtual queueing assistant.

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Live Shotgun Shell Found In Overhead Bin On Air New Zealand Airbus A320

Once found, the cabin crew followed standard procedure. However, it remains unclear how the cartridge got through airport security.

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Do Medical Metal Plates & Pins Set Off Detectors At Airport Security?

A closer look at security procedures for passengers with internal medical implants.

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Passenger Whizzed Through CLEAR With Boarding Pass Found In The Trash

This marks the third known incident involving CLEAR and its security practices.

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Authorities Have Revealed The Most Confiscated Items At Indian Airports

More than 800,000 handbags are checked at airport security in India every day.

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Getting Ready: How To Prepare For A TSA Screening

TSA screenings are hardly the highlight of most trips, but they can be a low-stress experience with a little bit of preparation.

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Top 5: This Year's Best Airport Technology Innovations

Airports are removing the liquid size requirements, and US passengers may soon be allowed to leave their shoes on.

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Some American Airlines Bus Services Now Remain Security Screened Between Airports

Select American Airlines bus routes will now take passengers from the terminal at one airport to another without the need to go back through security.

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Alaska Airlines Announces Discounted CLEAR Membership For Mileage Plan Members

The offer is available to all Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members.

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Fast-Track Security In The Summer Peak: Unnecessary, Vital, Or Somewhere In Between?

Expedited security screening is beneficial in ensuring smooth passenger flows in congested airports – but some might question its effectiveness.

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The Complete Guide To Navigating Airports: From Check-In To Boarding

Discover some handy tips to make the airport experience more enjoyable.

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Airport Security 101: A Traveler's Guide to TSA Procedures

A guide for first-time flyers.

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How Are Snooker & Pool Cues Treated In Terms Of Airline Luggage Restrictions?

Ensure a smooth and protected journey for your beloved sporting equipment

Denver International Airport's Security Queue. 1
How Much Do Airport Security Scanners Cost?

A closer look at just how expensive it is to keep our airports safe.

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The TSA's Top Tips For Flying With Children

Ensure a seamless and stress-free journey through airport security for both you and your kids

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Sky Marshal’s Detention In Sri Lanka Causes Air India Flight Delay

The flight was delayed by more than three hours.

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Frankfurt Airport Police Alerted After Passenger Jokes About Explosives In Shoes

The security officials found the joke to be rather humorless.

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The TSA Is Having To Remind Passengers Not To Bring Guns To Airports Again

Firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags, at TSA security checkpoints, and on board aircraft, regardless of a concealed carry permit.

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The Removal Of The 100ml Rule At UK Airports: Everything You Need To Know

Passengers can hand-carry up to 2 liters of liquids onboard, but not at all airports – yet