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How Can You Fly On A Private Jet?

All the ways you can fly on a private jet.

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Throwback: When The Boston Red Sox Hired A Private Boeing 777

When traveling across the Atlantic for the MLB's first European game, the Boston Red Sox flew in style.

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Do Private Jets Have Dress Codes?

There is not normally a set code - but most will be smarter.

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7 Rappers Who Own Private Jets

Cue “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, rap remix

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Why London Oxford Airport Is An Important Hub For Private Jet Traffic In The UK

In contrast to its complete lack of scheduled commercial flights, the facility is the fourth-busiest private jet airport in the United Kingdom.

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6 Ways In Which Private Jet Operators Differ From Commercial Airlines

Seats are booked for commercial travel, jets are booked for private travel.

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Where Do Private Jets Land?

Private jets can use "normal" commercial airports as well as dedicated private facilities.

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How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

Some business aircraft are very fast.

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Embraer Executive Jets Showdown: Praetor 500 Vs 600

The Praetor 600 is a longer range and higher capacity model.

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Top 3 Ways To Track Private Jets

Three top trackers to satiate your flight-following curiosity

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What Happened To The Royal Bank of Scotland's Dassault Falcon Private Jet?

RBS operated the jet as G-RBSG from 2002 to 2009.

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What Airplanes Does Warren Buffett's Private Jet Business NetJets Own?

NetJets has over 700 aircraft in its fleet.

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Inside Jackie Chan's $20m Embraer Legacy Private Jet

Jackie Chan owns two Embraer Legacy jets, including the Legacy 500.

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57 Years Of Service: A Look At The Learjet 25

The Learjet 25 was the largest of the company's first private jets and the best seller.

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6 Cool Things Inside Jay-Z's Private Jet: A Bombardier Challenger 850

Jay-Z owns one of the best-performing business jets available.

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How The Legacy 600 Launched Embraer's Move Into The Business Jet World

The Legacy 600 paved the way for Embraer's Executive Jet division and served as a template for later generations of the manufacturer's aircraft.

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5 Cool Innovations That Make the HondaJet Something Special

Inside and out, the HondaJet is an exciting work of engineering.

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How Do Footballers Fly? From Charter Flights To Private Jets

Taking a look at how football clubs fly their players around the world.

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4 Super Luxurious Private Jets That Are Probably Nicer Than Your House

From the modest Global 7500 right up to the huge A350!