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Journalist - Mark is an experienced travel journalist having published work in the industry for more than seven years. His enthusiasm for aviation news and wealth of experience lends itself to some excellent insight, with his work cited in Forbes amongst other publications. Based in Alicante, Spain.

Continental Airlines Boeing 737 1
History: Why Did Continental & United Airlines Agree To Merge?

Mergers were seen as a way to grow the network and save money.

Luxury business jet ready for boarding 1
How Can You Fly On A Private Jet?

All the ways you can fly on a private jet.

Plane Taking Off 1
What Is An Airline Slot?

Slots determine when your flight will arrive and depart from its arrival and destination airports.

Vueling Airbus A320 1
A Brief History Of Spanish Low-Cost Carrier Vueling

Vueling is the second-largest airline in Spain.

Airbus A320 of AirAsia 1
Top 5: The Airlines With The Most Affordable Onboard Catering

A look at which airlines offer resonable priced onboard food.

TAP Airbus A320 1
Why Did TAP Air Portugal Acquire Portugália Airlines?

Portugália Airlines is now a part of TAP Air Portugal.

Oxfor  Airport ATC Tower 1
Why London Oxford Airport Is An Important Hub For Private Jet Traffic In The UK

In contrast to its complete lack of scheduled commercial flights, the facility is the fourth-busiest private jet airport in the United Kingdom.

Flight Attendant Giving Passenger Food & Drink 1
5 Food & Drink Items That Are Symbolic Of Modern Commercial Aviation

A look at certain items of food and drink that are popular on airlines.

An American Airlines Boeing 737 Taxiing to the runway. 1
5 Top Tips For Air Travel In Hot Weather

The best time of day to travel during the summer is in the early morning.

A Dan-Air de Havilland Comet parked at an airport. 1
Largely Forgotten: The Tragedy Of Dan-Air Flight 1903

An unfortunate navigational error led to the incident.

American Airlines Parked On The Ground 1
What Booking Trends Can We Expect For US Flights In September?

September 2023 looks all set to be a busy month for travel.

 An F/A-18E Super Hornet about to launch from an aircraft carrier. 1
What Do Fighter Pilots Wear In The Cockpit & Why?

Flight suits are made from fire-resistant Nomex.

A Volaris Airlines Airbus A319 about to take off. 1
Top 5: July's Best Airlines For On-Time Performance By Region

On-time performance of American carriers has improved over the months.

A Cessna Citation X flying in the sky. 1
How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

Some business aircraft are very fast.

Hawker 4000 landing  1
On This Month In 2001: The Hawker 4000 Private Jet Makes Its First Flight

The story of the Hawker 4000 business jet.

frankfurt airport 1
A Brief Guide To Night Flight Restrictions At Germany's Major Airports

All German Airports have some night restrictions.

Oman Air Airbus A330 1
Survey Reveals The World's 5 Best Airlines For Business Travel

The top five business class offerings according to a Tipalti survey.

EcoJet_1 1
A Look At The Blended Wing Body Bombardier Ecojet

A blended-wing aircraft has advantages and disadvantages.

iberia at MAD 1
Top 5: Europe's Busiest Domestic Air Routes

Trains are replacing planes on many domestic European routes.

Airbus A319neo Taking Off 1
Which Airlines Have Ordered The Airbus A319neo?

The type hasn't sold as well as its larger classmates.

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