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Plane Taking Off 1
What Is An Airline Slot?

Slots determine when your flight will arrive and depart from its arrival and destination airports.

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Airbus A320 of AirAsia 1
Top 5: The Airlines With The Most Affordable Onboard Catering

A look at which airlines offer resonable priced onboard food.

A Horizon Air Embraer 175 climbing out of Ted Steven's Anchorage Int'l. 1
Blasting Off: Examining An Airliner's Required Climb Profile

The four climb segments applied to every takeoff.

Emirates' Executive Airbus A319 parked at the airport at sunset. 1
Top 10 Cool Features Of Emirates' Private Airbus A319 Jet

Onboard a sizeable corporate jet.

British Airways Airbus A380 departing from London Heathrow Airport.  1
Global Hotspot: London's Busiest International Airline Markets

Dubai and New York have shown to be among the busiest markets in the last year.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Continental Airlines on ground 1
Continental Airlines Flight 603 : A Cabin Crew Perspective

Fatal flaws and lessons learned...

Two Air Serbia cabin crew standing outside an aircraft. 1
How Do Cabin Crew Deal With Passengers Not Putting Their Tray Tables Up?

Why do you need to do this and what happens if you don't?

A Lufthansa Boeing 737-230C involved with the Flight 181 hijack. 1
The Mogadishu Angel: A Hero Of An Airplane Hijacking

A story of four days and eleven hours of fear.

Fly Atlantic fleet concept. 1
Northern Irish Start-Up Fly Atlantic Pushes Back Launch To Spring 2025

Local officials have said the carrier will provide enhanced connectivity for Northern Ireland.

South African Airways cabin crew jumping outside aircraft. 1
How The Cabin Crew Role Has Changed Over Time

Has it changed for the better or worse?

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-200ER taxiing to the runway. 1
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

A terrifying experience for everyone onboard

Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways Flight Attendants standing side by side. 1
International Flight Attendant Day: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Celebrating the work of cabin crew and flight attendants.

A Sabena Boeing 737-500 on the taxiway. 1
Early Years: How Former Belgian Flag Carrier Sabena Came To Be

Sabena was Belgium's national flag carrier between 1923 and 2001.

A Bombardier Challenger 650 flying over Singapore. 1
10 Differences Between Commercial Cabin Crew And Private Jet Flight Attendants

In some ways the same job but done very differently.

A British Airways Boeing 787 about to land. 1
What Are The Biggest Expenses For Airlines?

Airlines have to monitor costs constantly.

A Boeing 80A on display at a museum. 1
Ellen Church: The Story Of The World's First Female Flight Attendant

Ellen Church only worked as a flight attendant for 18 months.

An Emirates Airbus A380 taxis past a line of many other Emirates aircraft. 1
A Brief Guide To Airline Ticket Fare Classes & Codes

Airlines use an alpha-numeric code to show what class you are in.

A safety demonstration by cabin crew. 1
Onboard Safety Demonstrations: Which Languages Must They Be Conducted In?

Most airlines do the onboard safety demonstrations in their home language plus English.

Cabin crew standing in the Emirates A380 upper deck lounge. 1
9 Perks Of Flying First Class

Living the high life.

Three Air France flight attendants standing near an aircraft outside. 1
Do Flight Attendants Ever Work With The Same Crew?

Is it the same faces or new every day?