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An American Airlines Boeing 737 Taxiing to the runway. 1
5 Top Tips For Air Travel In Hot Weather

The best time of day to travel during the summer is in the early morning.

The inside of a private jet 1
8 Things To Not Do On Your First Private Jet Trip

Things to avoid on your first private jet trip, ensuring that you make the most of this exclusive experience

Many American Airlines aircraft lined up at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 1
The Ins & Outs Of Taking Skateboards On A Plane

Did you know that you can take your skateboard onboard?

A check-in employee attaching a luggage tag to a suitcase. 1
Recovering Lost Luggage: A 5-Step Guide

A guide to help you navigate the process of recovering your lost or delayed belongings

An Alaska Airlines Mediterranean Snack Pack on a seat back tray table. 1
A ProJets Aviation Chater aircraft parked at an airport. 1
Top 6 Tips For Making The Most Of A Private Jet Flight

Enjoy the most luxurious experience, your way

Traveling family in front of aircraft 1
Airline Travel 101: A Beginner's Guide To Flying

Flying for the first time? Here’s what you need to know

A Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 being prepared for departure at the airport. 1
How Are Snooker & Pool Cues Treated In Terms Of Airline Luggage Restrictions?

Ensure a smooth and protected journey for your beloved sporting equipment

At the parking lot of Denver International Airport. 1
Top Tips For Airport Parking Ahead Of Your Summer Travels

At larger airports, you'll find a range of options—and tariffs.

An aircraft retracting its landing gear just after takeoff. 1
A Pilot's Top Tips For Life On The Road

Traveling by air is fast and convenient but not without challenges. A pilot shares four travel tips for smoother travel.

An individual wearing an arm cast standing in a busy terminal. 1
Flying With A Plaster Cast: Everything You Need To Know

Flying with a plaster cast is possible, but it does require some additional preparation and planning

Delta Air Lines flight attendants working in the main cabin. 1
The Ins & Outs Of Airline Dress Codes

Passenger appearance is dictated in a legal contract that could result in refusal to board.

Many passengers walking through Dubai International airport. 1
5 Top Tips: How To Beat the Eid Travel Rush

Here are a few pieces of advice for travel during a busy holiday season.

A seatbelt sign inside an aircraft cabin. 1
Is It Against The Law To Ignore A Plane's 'Fasten Seatbelt' Signs?

Avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

a-stuffed-bear-sits-on-the-wing-of-an-aircraft-that-d3930a 1
Stuffed Animals As Carry-On Luggage: What Are The Rules?

Don’t risk parting with a beloved plushie.

Emirates Boeing 777 Loading 1
Can You Take A Didgeridoo On A Plane?

A guide to taking your wind instrument where the wind takes you.

Cebu Pacific Airbus A330neo 1
Hand Luggage Allowances At Major Asian Low-Cost Carriers: A Brief Guide

Be in the know before you pack - the right size, weight, and number of pieces.

airwheel_se3_electric_suitcase_03 1
The Wonderful World Of Rideable Suitcases

A personal transportation device that also happens to hold all your belongings

Someone riding a bike near an airport as an aircraft comes in to land. 1
The Ins And Outs Of Flying With A Folding Bike

Did you know that you can take your folding bike on the aircraft as well?

34631430512_d65b1326de_o 1
How Do Hand Luggage Allowances Compare Across Major Australian Carriers?

Avoid hefty excess baggage charges – know the weight and size limits