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Airbus A330 landing sunrise 1
Fast Growth: The Middle East Has More Flights Next Month Than Pre-COVID

It is the only area globally to have more flights than before the pandemic.

United 787-10 taking off 1
Top 5: The World’s Longest Boeing 787-10 Routes This September

There are the world's longest five routes in September by distance.

United Airlines Boeing 787 1
43 US Airports Have Non-Stop Europe Routes Next Month

All of these airports have scheduled passenger flights to Europe in September.

SWISS A340-300 taking off from Zurich 1
Short-Haul Quadjets: SWISS' European Airbus A340 Routes This Summer

Five airports across Europe see its A340s.

An Aeromexico 787-8 Dreamliner  1
Aeromexico's Ten Longest Routes This Month

The airline operates long-haul flights to Europe and Asia from Mexico.

Batik Air Boeing 737 MAX landing 1
Revealed: Australia’s Top 10 International Destinations By Flights

Another fifth-freedom carrier has just started flying to the leading destination.

Qatar Airways A350-900 on final approach 1
Lufthansa 747-8 taking off (1) 1
Fewer Than 100 Airports Still Have Widebody Quadjet Flights

Such aircraft now operate just 5% of all widebody passenger flights.

Qatar Airways Boeing 777 taking off image 1
Qatar Airways Ends Philadelphia Flights As American Airlines Takes Over The Route

Qatar Airways itself will now serve 11 destinations in the US.

Air Premia 787-9 landing1 1
South Korea's Air Premia Launches Boeing 787 Flights To Honolulu

It will be the carrier's third US route.

Rex Melbourne-Hobart launch-1 1
The Most Notable New Airline Routes This Week

Routes go to the heart of airlines and airports, and I celebrate them in my weekly newsletter.

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Top 5: The Airlines Planning The Most Routes For The Rest Of 2023

The five have more than 6,700 routes this August-December.

Qantas Airbus A380 1
Johannesburg Regains Qantas Quadjets As The Airbus A380 Takes Over Sydney Flights

Johannesburg joins a select group of airports with A380 flights by three or more airlines.

A Norse Atlantic Airways Boeing 787-9  1
Fiji Airways 737 MAX 8 landing 1
Up To 8.5 Hours: The USA’s 10 Longest Boeing 737 MAX Flights In September

Five airlines have long-haul US routes using the MAX.

China Eastern Airlines COMAC C919 | B-919A 1
Top 10: The Asian Airlines Planning The Most Flights In September

Which carriers do you think make the list?

Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-200 1
Jetstar Boeing 787-8 1
430+ Airports Will Have Widebody Flights Today

On August 18th, these airports are vital for widebody passenger flights.

Air India Boeing 787 1
9 Destinations: Air India’s European Flight Operations Explored

The carrier's flights have risen by 5% and are now at their joint highest level.

American Airlines A321 take off 1
Huge Hub: Where American Airlines’ Dallas Passengers Actually Fly

104,000 passengers a day transferred between American flights at Dallas in the first five months of the year.