The first Airbus A220-300 with the iconic blue livery to join the ITA Airways fleets has recently rolled out of the Airbus paint shop in Mirabel, Canada. Although the new fleet addition is the fifth Airbus A220-300 to join, it's the first of many that will be fully configured according to the airline's latest cabin design.

First in blue, fifth in fleet

While the ITA Airways livery is well-known to be quite the stunning blue, the airline chose to paint its first four Airbus A220-300s with a mostly-white special livery. In line with how highly fuel-efficient the aircraft is, the flag carrier chose for all four narrowbodies to don the 'Born to be Sustainable' livery as flying bearers for its sustainability efforts.

These four predominantly white aircraft also featured the airline's older cabin design. But the white paint will soon change to blue, with the fifth fleet member confirmed to be registered as EI-HHM. The aircraft will be christened after the football legend Alessandro Mazzola - the well-loved European Champion with the Italian national team in 1968.

ITA Airways Airbus A220-300 Blue Livery | EI-HHM
Photo: ITA Airways 

Given the new aircraft's planned name, the decision to go back to blue comes as the airline keeps its promise and traditional strategy of dedicating its Blue Savoia liveried aircraft to Italian sports champions. It's unsure when ITA Airways will officially receive the new narrowbody, but since it's already rolled out from the paint shop, it's undoubtedly anytime soon.

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Brand-new aircraft, brand-new interiors

Besides being the first Airbus A220-300 to don the blue livery, EI-HHM will also be the first to be fully configured with the new cabin design, with brand-new interiors curated by renowned designer Walter De Silva, who previously highlighted his excitement in working for the flag carrier by saying:

"Design is a transversal and universal language, understandable to everyone, without borders, rhetoric, or divisions. I am proud to have made my experience as a designer available to the aeronautical sector with ITA Airways."

Under his design, the new Airbus narrowbody will boast a cabin that conveys the typical feeling of being at home for all passengers. Attention was paid to simplicity and comfort in the choice of colors, and sustainability was considered for the materials - such as wool and leather. These were all brainstormed and designed while considering the technical complexity and the constraints imposed by regulations.

ITA Airways Airbus A220-300 Blue Livery | EI-HHM
Photo: ITA Airways

And in line with simplicity and comfort, De Silva also made sure to emphasize beauty and elegance, as passengers will also notice and appreciate the blue and sad colors in its various natural shades, and the setting of the onboard lighting, which changes gently according to the place and time of flight.

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Bottom line

The first blue-liveried Airbus A220-300 eventually be followed by several more as ITA Airways is gradually adding more of the smallest-sized fleet member, with the completion of this expansion expected to be by 2025. And while the delivery date is unclear, the airline has confirmed that the new narrowbody will begin flight services on short-haul routes from September onwards.

What do you think of the first Airbus A220 with blue livery? Let us know in the comments below.

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