• The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 finals will take place on August 20th in Sydney, Australia, between England and Spain.
  • Finding affordable and timely flights from England and Spain to Sydney may be difficult due to high demand.
  • Several flight options with layovers are available, with prices ranging from €828 to €1,150, offering a range of choices for fans wanting to attend the match.

Two nations will come to a standstill this weekend as The Lionesses from England will face the La Roja from Spain in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 final in a historical stand-off. The finals will take place on August 20th at the Stadium Australia in Sydney, and plenty of fans will want to fly in to catch the live action.

Since Sunday is just days away and the demand for flights to Sydney from England and Spain will undoubtedly be high, finding affordable and timely flights will be tough. But fret not; here are some of the best flights from both countries to get to Sydney on time, although it's worth noting that these flights will include short layovers and were picked with specific criteria.

The flight searches are conducted through Since time is considerably of the essence, the criterion for the flight searches will include all airports within the country, a maximum of two stops, and disregarding the need for passengers to collect and re-check their baggage during their layovers. The layover duration will not be limited, and the cheapest and most convenient flight options are chosen.

Flying from London to Sydney

Assuming passengers will fly on August 17th, one of the cheapest options is to fly with Vietnam Airlines via VN 56 from London Heathrow Airport. The flight departs at 17:05 and arrives at Nội Bài International Airport the following day at 11:05. After a long layover; passengers will board flight VN 787 and depart at 23:40 before arriving in Sydney on August 19th at 12:15, all for €828 ($901).

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9
Photo: KITTIKUN YOKSAP | Shutterstock

But if such a sweet deal is gone already, the next best option would be a 23-hour flight journey from London Heathrow Airport with Thai Airways for €989 ($1,078). The 12:30 flight TG 911 will see passengers arriving in Bangkok at around 06:00 the following day on August 18th, followed by a short layover before another flight. TG 475 departs at 08:30 to reach Sydney on the same day at 20:30.

There's also Air New Zealand flight NZ 4161, operated by Virgin Atlantic Airways, departing from London Heathrow Airport at 12:10 and arriving at San Francisco International Airport at 15:10. After an almost eight-hour layover; passengers will board Air New Zealand flight NZ 9863, operated by United Airlines and depart at 22:55 before arriving in Sydney two days later on August 19th at 07:00, all for €973 ($1,059).

United Airlines Boeing 777-300(ER) N2250U
Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

And while there is a more direct flight from London Heathrow Airport to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, it's not exactly the cheapest, albeit it will be the most convenient. For €1,293 ($1,409), passengers can hop onto Qantas flight QF 2 at 20:55 before arriving in Singapore's Changi International Airport for a two hour layover, and fly onward to reach Sydney two days later on August 19th at 05:10.

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Flying from Spain to Sydney

Concerning passengers flying from Spain, one relatively affordable option is Air China flight CA 846, departing from Barcelona-El Prat Airport at 12:10 before arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport at 05:35 on August 18th. After a nearly 20-hour layover at 01:10 the next day, passengers can hop on flight Air China flight CA 173 and arrive in Sydney at around 14:50 the same day for €944 ($1,028).

There's a similar flight itinerary from Air China, except it'll see passengers departing from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport at 13:10 via flight CA 908 and arriving in Beijing Capital at around 05:55. The layover timings will be roughly the same, and it'll be the same flight bringing passengers to Sydney. For this itinerary, passengers could snag a ticket for €948 ($1,032).

Air China Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Photo: Matheus Obst | Shutterstock

Suppose the significantly long layover time isn't for everyone and with no available non-stop flights, there's a slightly more expensive option with Qatar Airways flight QR 138 departing from Barcelona at 09:30 before reaching Doha Hamad International Airport at around 16:40. With less than four hours of layover time; passengers will be back in the air with flight QR 908 departing at 20:10 and arriving at Sydney on August 18th at 17:20, and all this for €1,150 ($1,702).

Bottom line

Given how any flight bookings done right now would be rather last-minute, these deals seem to be as sweet as can be, despite how some would have genuinely long layovers that might see passengers incurring additional expenses on pay-per-use lounges or airport hotels if required. But if it gets them to Sydney in time to watch the historical match in action, perhaps it might all be worth it.

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