• The Singapore Grand Prix is generating buzz and leading to a surge in flight bookings to Singapore, with a 63% year-on-year increase.
  • Travelers will need to book flights soon to avoid higher airfare prices.
  • There are plenty of options for travelers, including airlines and travel agencies offering packages that include flights, accommodation, and passes to the Grand Prix.

Home to the original Formula One Night Race, the electrifying Singapore Grand Prix often garners attention from racing enthusiasts worldwide. And as the world anxiously anticipates the long-awaited annual racing event from September 15th to the 17th, the tiny island country is witnessing a welcoming surge in flight bookings.

A significant year-on-year increase

When most pandemic restrictions were lifted in Singapore early last year, it allowed for the return of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix after two years. Last year's race was also set to see the racing event having one of its biggest turnouts since its first night race back in 2008, as the country experienced flight bookings closer to September soaring by 305% since the start of last year.

Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix
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Although this year's race won't see such a significant climb, the country still witnessed an incredible 63% year-on-year increase in flight bookings ahead of the racing event, primarily and undoubtedly due to the growing anticipation surrounding the Grand Prix and its related extravaganzas. With the rising demand for air travel options to Singapore, airlines have responded by offering an abundance of attractive flight services.

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Bookings in progress

Considering it's less than a month till race day, travelers seeking to book any flights within the rest of August or early September for the days leading up to the Grand Prix will have to deal with relatively typical or higher airfare prices. When flying via Singapore Airlines, round-trip non-stop flight services from Melbourne to Singapore are available from A$1,737.37 ($1,123.77).

Prices for similar round-trip flights from San Francisco to Singapore begin from $1,352 with United Airlines, and non-stop flight services from Frankfurt to Singapore are offered by Lufthansa with airfare prices starting from €1,290 ($1,401.49). With the surge in bookings, flights are undoubtedly being sold out quicker, so if there's ever a better, last-minute time to book a ticket, now would be the time.

Other than the many airlines, travel agencies have also offered numerous tour or race day packages to further contribute to the demand surge by offering attractive bundles, including relatively cheap flights to Singapore, accommodation, visa necessities, ground transport, and relevant passes to the Singapore Grand Prix. Travelers are indeed spoilt for choices.

Bottom line

While the excitement for the Grand Prix often sees an increase in flight bookings from Oceania, North America, and Europe, this year's surge has also seen a significant rush of bookings from South Asia - specifically from India. Thanks to a simplified visa process for Indian travelers, entry into Singapore is now made more accessible for Indian passport holders through an enhanced electronic visa system.

With the exciting Grand Prix, attractive airfare prices, and plenty of tour packages currently being offered, more travelers favor including Singapore in their travel itineraries for September onwards. Considering how flight bookings have already swelled ahead of the racing event, the incoming holidays towards the year-end will likely enable Singapore to witness a much more significant swelling.

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