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Continental Airlines Boeing 737 1
History: Why Did Continental & United Airlines Agree To Merge?

Mergers were seen as a way to grow the network and save money.

Buta Airways E190 taxiing  1
Azerbaijan Airlines Will Merge With Its LCC To Become "AZAL"

Buta Airways will eventually be no more as Azerbaijan Airline aims to reduce operational costs by merging the low-cost brand into mainline operations.

An AirCal Boeing 737-200 flying in the sky. 1
What Happened To the US Carrier Air California?

From humble beginnings in 1967 to merging with American Airlines in 1987, what happened to Air California in its 20-year history?

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US Airways aircraft 1
The Story of US Airways

The US Airways brand disappeared from the skies in 2015 - what were some of the key moments in the airline's 76-year history prior to that?

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An Air India Boeing 777-237LR, pictured here at San Francisco International Airport. 1
Air India-Vistara Merger: Competition Watchdog Has More Questions

The Tata Group is hoping to finalize the merger early next year.

Sunwing Airlines 737 MAX in flight 1
The End Of Sunwing: WestJet To Merge Airline With Main Brand

Months after its merger with Sunwing was approved, WestJet has announced its intent to end the Sunwing brand.

British Caledonian Boeing 747 1
35 Years On: When British Airways Took Over British Caledonian

Looking back at what caused the move to be made.

ITA Airways AirbusA320-200 1
Lufthansa Group Reportedly Nearing An Agreement To Purchase 40% Of ITA Airways

The German conglomerate paves the way to adding the Italian flag carrier to its network.

A Korean Air A380 taking off. 1
EU Says Korean Air & Asiana Merger May Restrict Competition

The European Commission has raised various concerns over the merger of Korean Air and Asiana.

An Avianca plane landing in Medellín 1
Avianca Officially Abandons Viva Air Integration Plans

A senior airline official said Viva Air faces an “imminent risk of disappearance.”

An Avianca and a Viva Air plane seen at Medellin International  1
Colombia's Civil Aviation Authority Approves Avianca & Viva Air Merger

Avianca now has the final call on whether to accept the merger or let Viva go.

An Air France aircraft parked next to a KLM aircraft. 1
19 Years Ago Today: The Merger Of Air France & KLM

The merger that changed European aviation.

Vistara Airbus A320 1
Air India-Vistara Merger: Singapore Airlines And Tata Group Approach CCI India

The merger is expected to be completed by early next year.

Several Avianca and GOL aircraft in Sao Paulo  1
Avianca And GOL's Abra Group To Have An Initial Public Offering In London Or New York

The IPO could be launched within the next 12 to 18 months and support the group's growth.

JetBlue Airbus 1
4 US States Are Also Looking To Block The Spirit-JetBlue Merger

The merger is hit with yet another roadblock.

A United Airlines 777-300ER taking off. 1
92 Years Ago: The Merger That Formed United Airlines

United Airlines was caught up in the 1930 air mail scandal.

Air India Express Boeing 737 1
Air India Express And AirAsia India Integrate Reservation System

Both airlines are expected to merge fully in a few months from now.

Asiana Airlines and Korean Air aircraft taxiing 1
How Asiana Airlines & Korean Air Are Looking To Speed Up Their Merger

Will we finally see a deal go through this year?

Vistara Boeing 787 1
Air India Will Absorb All Vistara Employees Following The Merger

Vistara's CEO has assured there will be enough opportunities for employees in the merged airline.

An Avianca aircraft 1
Colombia Approves Avianca-Viva Merger With Six Requirements To Be Met

Avianca will review the requirements set by Aerocivil to determine their viability.