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Dassault Falcon 6X 1
EASA & The FAA Certify The Dassault Falcon 6X Private Jet

The certification comes after over two years of test flight campaigns.

A Dassault Falcon 900 parked at an airport. 1
What Happened To The Royal Bank of Scotland's Dassault Falcon Private Jet?

RBS operated the jet as G-RBSG from 2002 to 2009.

Embraer Praetor 600 at the 2019 Paris Air Show 1
The Top 10 Business Jets In The World Today

Some of the world’s top jets based on price, range, and speed

UK PM Rishi Sunak inside the private jet 1
Collecting Miles: Rishi Sunak Has Flown More Frequently Than Other Recent UK Prime Ministers

Rishi Sunak has faced criticism for frequently utilizing private jet travel for domestic trips.

A Bombardier Global 8000 flying high in the sky. 1
Top 5: The World's Biggest Private Jet Companies

Let’s take a look at the giants of private aviation.

A Dassault Falcon 10X flying above the clouds. 1
Which Airports Can Private Jets Use?

Many never see private jets at major airports, why is that?

Dassault Falcon 8X 1
Private Or Commercial Flights: Which Option Is Best For Businesses?

For the highest-level employees, the question of whether to fly commercial or private can prove challenging.

Falcon10X over cityscape 1
The Dassault Falcon 10X: Everything You Need To Know

The new-generation jet is set to enter service at the end of 2025

A Dassault Dornier Alpha Jet parked at an airfield. 1
Still Active Today: Everything You Need To Know About The Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet

Built in the 1970s for military purposes by a French-German partnership, the Alpha Jet's success echoes even today.

A head on photo of a Falcon 6X. 1
5 Awesome Private Jets Coming To The Skies Soon

Key highlights include king-size beds, longer flight distances, and even a skylight.

Dassault_Falcon_20_I-ULJA_(10536994574) 1
60 Years Of Success: A Brief History Of The Dassault Falcon

The Dassualt Falcon is a popular business jet.

A Dassault Falcon 10X flying above the clouds. 1
The Dassault Falcon 10X: What To Expect From This Gamechanging Private Jet

Dassault's new ultra-long-range business jet interior will steal the show.

falcon 900lx 1
Taylor Swift's Private Jet: The Dassault Falcon 900

The 'Number 13' jet is worth an estimated $40 million.

N787RR Rolls-Royce North America Boeing 747-267B (1) 1
Rolls-Royce Is Preparing To Test The Pearl 10X On Its Boeing 747-200

The engine will be attached to the aircraft's 5th engine pylon!

Dassault Mercure 1
6 Preserved Examples: Where Can You Find The Dassault Mercure?

Only half a dozen units can be spotted.

An Air Inter Dassault Mercure parked at an airport. 1
This Week In Aviation History: The Dassault Mercure's First Flight

The Dassault Mercure was meant to be the Boeing 737’s competitor.

Bombardier Global 7500 flying over Sydney. 1
A Dassault Falcon 30 in flgiht above the clouds.  1
Unproduced Prototype: The Story Of The Dassault Falcon 30

Fifty years ago today, the Dassault Falcon 30 took its first flight amid high hopes. But what led to its subsequent downfall?

A Belgium Air Force Dassault Falcon 20 flying into Luxembourg. 1
60 Years Of Flight: The Story Of The Dassault Falcon 20

The Dassault Falcon 20 proved to be very popular with the military.

Dassault Falcon 2000 1