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How Much Are Private Jet Flight Attendants Paid?

Do private jet crew earn more than commercial cabin crew?

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Explored: Airlines That Offer Private Jet Services

From Emirates Executive to United Airlines' partnership with JSX, let's take a look at the airlines upping the premium travel game.

A private Gulfstream G650ER jet shown moments before landing at the Los Angeles International Airport. 1
Here's How Many Private Jets There Are In The USA

More than any other country on the planet.

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How High Do Private Jets Fly?

Private jets typically operate at higher altitudes.

A Bombardier Global 8000 flying high in the sky. 1
Here's How Far Private Jets Can Fly

The Gulfstream G800 and Bombardier Global 8000 will be two of the longest-range private jets.

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Delta-Backed Private Jet Outfit Wheels Up Avoids Bankruptcy With $500 Million Investment

The private jet company has been saved by an American legacy carrier.

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How Much Do Private Jets Cost?

A look at how much private jets cost, and whether it is better to rent.

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5 Reasons Renting A Private Jet Is Better Than Buying

There may be more benefits to renting a private jet than one might initially imagine.

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Using Jet.AI To Book Charter Jets

A new app is coming online to help connect potential charter customers with a network of charter jet operators.

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The Top 10 Business Jets In The World Today

Some of the world’s top jets based on price, range, and speed

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Collecting Miles: Rishi Sunak Has Flown More Frequently Than Other Recent UK Prime Ministers

Rishi Sunak has faced criticism for frequently utilizing private jet travel for domestic trips.

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Cool Colors: Five Of The Most Vibrant Private Jet Liveries

From cherry-reds to baby blues, here are some of our favorite private jet liveries.

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What's The Difference Between First Class & The Private Jet Experience?

Both are considered the pinnacle of luxury flying, but how do they compare?

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Loud & Proud: 4 Surprisingly Noisy Private Jets

Statement-makers that break the silence...

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An Dassault Falcon 900B parked at an airport. 1
What Does A Typical Private Jet Cabin Crew's Schedule Look Like?

Is there a roster or are they always on standby?

An ACJ319 taking off. 1
Airbus Corporate Jets: A Look At The Complete Line-Up

These large jets offer prime space and luxury to the most elite users of private jets.

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The Most Fuel Efficient Private Jets

Light business jets take the cake among private jets for fuel efficiency.