• Corendon Airlines is introducing an "Only Adult" zone on specific flights for passengers aged 16 and above who prefer a child-free environment during their flight.
  • The adult-only zone will consist of 93 specially segregated seats, with an additional nine extra-large seats available for a premium economy experience.
  • If the trial period on the Amsterdam-Curaçao route is successful, Corendon Airlines plans to expand the "Only Adult" zone to more routes based on demand. Parents can also book seats in this zone to take a break from their kids.

Corendon Airlines will soon offer an adult-only section on specific flights in November for passengers who genuinely dislike flying with families and children. Known as the new only adult zone, the Turkish-Dutch leisure carrier hopes to cater to passengers aged 16 and above seeking a child-free environment during their flight, with dedicated seats onboard its Airbus A350s.

"Only Adult" zone with Corendon

Set to commence on November 3rd this year, the airline's inaugural non-stop thrice-weekly flight service from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Curaçao International Airport will be utilizing World2Fly's Airbus A350-900s. And onboard these widebodies is a unique configuration, as Corendon Airlines has segregated the forward section - where 93 seats are available, exclusively for passengers aged 16 and above at an extra charge.

In addition to these 93 exclusive seats, nine extra-large seats with more legroom are also available at another extra surcharge to mimic a premium economy experience. These 102 of the total 432 seats on the Airbus A350-900 will be known as the airline's new concept of an 'Only Adult' zone, where it will be physically partitioned from the rest of the aircraft cabin with walls and curtains to create an enclosed environment.

A World2Fly aircraft flying to Madrid
Photo: F. Ferrucci | Shutterstock

Within this curated, serene space, aged-appropriate passengers can hopefully better relax. Business passengers can do their work, while others who get more reactively disturbed if children become more active or vocal can enjoy the calm for an enhanced flight experience. Parents wishing for a short break from their kids can also book seats in the 'Only Adult' zone.

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Potential to become permanent

Although Corendon Airlines is not the first-ever carrier to introduce such an approach, it is likely the first carrier in the Netherlands since others like flag carrier KLM, Transavia, and TUI are not as keen yet to follow suit. Co-founder of Corendon, Atilay Uslu, highlights:

"We are proud to be the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone, as it caters to travelers seeking some extra tranquility during their journey. We also believe that this offering will have a positive impact on parents traveling with young children, allowing them to enjoy their flight without apprehensions when their little ones make a bit more noise.”

But considering this new concept will only be rolled out for flights servicing the Amsterdam-Curaçao route, passengers flying with Corendon Airlines on other routes might feel disappointed. But fret not; the leisure carrier reassures that if this trial period is successful and there is demand for an 'Only Adult' zone, the concept will be spread across more routes.

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Photo: World2Fly

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Bottom line

Although the initial idea of segregating passengers away from children might seem a bit much, the idea of an 'Only Adult' zone seems relatively fair, given how passengers who genuinely dislike sitting near young kids have to pay extra for that privilege of sitting a section away, and there are only 102 seats available.

With this paid privilege, traveling families need not fear as much if their kids are a bit more active during the flight, and fewer conflicts between anyone who is disturbed and the parents are probably less likely to occur. Flight attendants might also have a smoother service hopefully fewer complaints from disturbed passengers.

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