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Journalist - Arturo joins Simple Flying with a strong background in aviation and publishing. Having graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University held key roles at Airbus and the Experimental Aircraft Association. Before joining Simple Flying, Arturo was the Managing Editor of Executive Flyer, and also featured in AIN, AVweb, and Business & Commercial Aviation. Based in the United States

N924AK, An Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 on Final to KSEA in the Sunset 1
Throwback: When Alaska Airlines Bore Its Name For The First Time

Before being named Alaska Airlines, the mighty operator within the United States' final frontier operated via many other brands. This is its story.

Roman Abramovich's Boeing 767 landing at Ben Gurion Airport. 1
Roman Abramovich: A Look At His Private Jet Collection

Roman Abramovich has a set of heavy jets that makes airplane collectors full of envy. Let's take a look!

An American Airlines A321T flyinfg in the sky. 1
Review: American Airlines Domestic First Class From San Diego To Miami

What is it like flying domestic first-class coast-to-coast? Here is a flight review of a recent overnight transcontinental trip in the United States.

A USMC V-22 in helicopter mode flying in the sky. 1
The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey: Everything You Need To Know

The V-22 Osprey looks and performs like no other aircraft. Let's take a look at what makes this tiltrotor so unique.

A light aircraft with the words  1
An 'Out Of This World' Premiere: A Pilot's Special Documentary

Wright of Passage is a documentary about a young aviator's mission to inspire children. Its premiere celebrated his historic flight and plans.

An Indian Air Force Antonov An.32 flying in the sky. 1
Multiple Missing Planes: The Indian Air Force's Unfortunate Relationship With The Antonov An-32

The Indian Air Force has experienced the disappearance of two Antonov AN-32s in its history. What is behind these mysterious events?

A silhouette of an Airplane flying in the sky at sunset. 1
Did You Know: Incorrect Safety Cards Can Cause Flight Delays

How a small piece of paper can cause big problems.

Four bright red fighters fly in formation as part of a performance. 1
How Many Hours Must Pilots have To Fly In Display Teams?

What does it take the fly with the best of the best? Let's examine what candidates must have to fly with premier display teams.

An aircraft landing  1
The Risks Posed By Standing Water On Airport Runways

Standing water poses many risks to runway operations. This article will explore what these are and how they can be minimized.

A De Havilland Vampire flying in the sky. 1
The Pros & Cons Of Twin-Boom Aircraft

Do twin-boom aircraft offer twice the amount of safety while doubling performance? Perhaps, but there are two sides to this aeronautical coin.

An Aer Lingus World Airways MD-11 on final approach. 1
Irish Trijets: The Story Of Aer Lingus' McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Fleet

A brief history of the trijet, and other notable aircraft, that played a part in the Irish carrier's fleet.

A Singapore Airlines A340-500 flying in the sky. 1
Did You Know: Singapore Airlines Used To Have An All-Business-Class Configuration For Its Airbus A340-500s

A brief look at Singapore's former 100% business-class long-haul offering.

An Air France Boeing 777 flying in the sky.  1
The Importance Of Keeping Yourself Moving On Long-Haul Flights

How to stay healthy during a long journey.

A female pilot in front of a general aviation aircraft. 1
A Guide To Checklists For Aspiring Pilots

What are they, and why are they important?

An Oversized Baggage sign at an airport.  1
Flying With Golf Clubs: Everything You Need To Know

Are you an avid golfer or an occasional player? There are some things to consider when traveling via commercial aircraft with a set of clubs.

A British Airways Concorde in flight.  1
How Concorde Became An Unlikely Classical Music Venue In Manchester

Concorde's ability to fly passengers at supersonic speeds is well documented. However, did you know it has also served as a music venue?

Air France pilots about to land. 1
What Are The Minimum Ages For Different Kinds Of Pilot Training?

How young can someone begin training and earn different pilot certificates?

An American Airlines Boeing 777 taking off. 1
Review: Comparing Transatlantic Business Class & Premium Economy On American Airlines

Flying internationally on American Airlines' business class and premium economy offers an opportunity to compare the two. Welcome aboard!

Orlando Sanford Airport Aerial View 1
Sanford & Melbourne: A Brief Guide To Orlando's Secondary Airports

A look at the alternative options for getting to and from Central Florida.

An easyJet Airbus A320 taking off. 1
What Were easyJet's Top Routes By Available Seat Kilometers Last Year?

EasyJet faces competition in key routes. Let’s take a look at which airlines are doing their best to ‘ease’ into the carrier’s low-cost market.

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