• British Airways has announced major upgrades to its airport lounge at London Heathrow, including an exclusive martini mixer for the perfect cocktail experience.
  • The Turbine Martini, designed by Bremont and CALLUM, uses specialty measured ingredients and a turbine-inspired design to create a smoothly blended cocktail.
  • British Airways plans to make more upgrades at lounges worldwide, including a new look for the Whispering Angel bar and design upgrades to the Concorde Room and Terminal 3 lounge.

The flag carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways, announced major upgrades to its airport lounge at London Heathrow International Airport (LHR). The new upgrades include an exclusive martini mixer at its exclusive Concorde Room in Terminal 5.

Brand-new cocktail

The newly offered drink, nicknamed the Turbine Martini, is said to be the perfect martini. The cocktail was designed by British aviation and adventure specialists Bremont and the British design and engineering company CALLUM. What makes the drink so special is its specialty measured ingredients and perfect stirring procedure.

British Airways Boeing 777 Landing
Photo: Tom Boon | Simple Flying

The Turbine Martini utilizes a new machine to perfectly mix the drink. The martini mixer was made from machined stainless steel materials and is accompanied by a moving bar house. The bar has built-in scales to ensure each ingredient being added is the appropriate quantity.

The mixer was also developed from a turbine-inspired design. It includes a motorized mixing paddle that stirs the martini at approximately 120–160 revolutions per minute. The design team stated that this mixing speed will elevate the citrus and floral notes of a typical martini and will create a smoothly blended cocktail.

The Chief Customer Officer of British Airways, Calum Laming, spoke about the new drink. He stated,

"We are really excited to work with the very best experts in the world of design, engineering, and mixology, to create a bespoke experience and offer customers what we believe to be the best martini in the world! This is one of many steps we are taking to invest in our lounges both in the UK and further afield, with some more exciting news coming later this year."

Classic ingredients

The Turbine Martini still utilizes the classic martini ingredients but with a modern twist. The drink was designed by the airline's award-winning mixologist, Mr Lyan. The drink includes original martini ingredients like vermouth, bitters, and a bespoke garnish. The drink is also made from Aviation American Gin, which is a new partner of British Airways. Mr Lyan spoke about the new drink, saying,

"Using expertise from every partner, we've balanced the perfect combination of ingredients, aeration, and temperature to highlight Aviation American Gin's unique profile."

A British Airways Boeing 777-200ER Departing From Bangkok.
Photo: Pawarin Prapukdee | Shutterstock

More upgrades to British Airways lounges

The new drink offering is just one of many future upgrades said to take place at not only London Heathrow but at lounges across the world. Recently, British Airways unveiled a new look and feel to its Terminal 5B lounge which is called the Whispering Angel bar. In addition to the new look of the lounge, the new bar also serves chilled glasses of rosé from the vineyards of Château d’Esclans, a new partner with the airline. Laming spoke about the new Whispering Angel bar when it was unveiled, saying,

"We are ecstatic to finally be able to share our beautiful Whispering Angel bar with British Airways’ customers, and bring a touch of glamour to Heathrow as the world’s most glamorous rosé."

Additionally, the Concorde Room is also undergoing design upgrades. The new space is set to feature new day beds and new working spaces. The airline will also upgrade its lounge at London Heathrow's Terminal 3 with new furniture.