• IndiGo is restarting flights between New Delhi and Hong Kong in response to increasing travel demand in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The airline will operate a daily service with departure times of 05:20 from Delhi to Hong Kong and 15:55 from Hong Kong to Delhi.
  • IndiGo is also launching new domestic flights to Jaisalmer and Khajuraho, popular tourist destinations in India, starting in October.

As demand for travel in Asia and Southeast Asia comes back, IndiGo is also catering to the trend and restarting services that it dropped during the pandemic. Among those is the flight between New Delhi and Hong Kong, which the carrier will resume this October.

Delhi to Hong Kong

IndiGo will restart flights between Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). From October 5th, the airline will operate a daily service between the two destinations, catering to the increasing travel demand in this sector.

Flight 6E1707 will depart Delhi at 05:20 and reach Hong Kong at 13:10 local time. The return flight 6E1708 has a Hong Kong departure time of 15:55 and an arrival time in Delhi of 19:20. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo, commented,

“The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in air travel demand and passenger traffic over the past few months, signalling a vibrant rebound. Hong Kong occupies a pivotal role as a favoured destination for both Indian tourists as well as enterprising business travellers.”

Indigo Airbus A320 take off from Indra Gandhi International Airport Delhi
Photo: Rahul Sapra/Shutterstock

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IndiGo will compete directly with Air India and Cathay Pacific on this route, both of which deploy widebody planes offering a full-service experience as well as premium cabins. While Air India deploys its Boeing 787 Dreamliners between the two cities, Cathay Pacific flies a mixed fleet of Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

In the month of August, Air India and Cathay Pacific are together offering 150 return flights between the two destinations with a total seat count of 47,760, according to data provided by Cirium.

New domestic flights

IndiGo has also announced new domestic services to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh as it continues to dominate the domestic market. Both these destinations are popular among Indian and International travelers, and IndiGo hopes to attract passengers during the busy holiday season later this year.

IndiGo will launch daily direct flights between Varanasi and Khajuraho and one-stop daily connectivity between Delhi-Khajuraho via Varanasi, with flights commencing operations on October 10th. Khajuraho will be IndiGo’s 80th domestic and 112th overall destination in the 6E network. It is known for its medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures.

Indigo Airbus A320 Landing
Photo: Anand G Iyer/Shutterstock

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On October 12th, IndiGo will launch new and daily connections between Jaisalmer-Delhi, Jaisalmer-Mumbai, Jaisalmer-Jaipur, and Jaisalmer-Ahmedabad. Jaisalmer has become IndiGo’s 81st domestic and 113th overall destination.

It is often referred to as the “Golden City of India” due to the yellow sand and yellow sandstone used in the town's architecture that gives it a golden look. Tourists also visit Jaisalmer for its palaces and forts.

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