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This year marks 120 years since the Wright Brothers' 1st flight, and an awful lot has happened in those years. On this page, you can find thousands of stories looking at the history of the industry.

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Japan Airlines DC-10 1
Hawker 4000 landing  1
BA 747-200 G-BDXN at LHR 1
British Airways Flight 009 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

The Boeing 747 that became a glider over the Indian Ocean...

Boeing 747 Hump 1
How A US Military Contract Helped Bring About The Boeing 747's Famous Hump

The distinguishable design was ultimately rejected by the Air Force but led to the major success of a revolutionary airliner

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Boeing 787 1
The Boeing Sonic Cruiser - The 787 Alternative Which Got Cut

What was the Boeing Sonic Cruiser? And how did it lead to the 787 Dreamliner?

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Gulf Air Airbus A320 1
Gulf Air Flight 072: Bahrain's Deadliest Air Accident

It is approaching 23 years since the crash occurred.

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1280px-AB_Airlines_Boeing_737-300;_G-OABA@SXF,_July_1998_(8354046512) 1
What Happened To Early UK Low-Cost Carrier AB Airlines?

An early pioneer of the low-cost model in Europe, the airline would not last long enough to benefit from the phenomenon.

Mandarin Airlines MD-11 1
24 Years Ago: China Airlines Flight 642 Crashes In Hong Kong

The flight was attempting to touch down in strong winds when it crashed.

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Street view of San Francisco International Airport passenger terminal at dusk with vehicles parked in front 1
When Were San Francisco International Airport’s Various Runways & Terminals Opened?

The airport’s facilities have evolved over 90 years to accommodate increasing air travel.

Wright Flyer  1
5 Notable Aviation Pioneers That History Forgot

We, humans, have been trying to fly since the late 1700s.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 1
Ryanair Flight 4102: The Irish Low Cost Carrier's Only Hull Loss

The incident occurred in Rome more than a decade ago.

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An Aer Lingus Boeing 747 just landing on the runway at Dublin Airport.  1
Irish Jumbos: The Story Of Aer Lingus' Boeing 747 Fleet

Did you know that the airline flew Boeing's iconic double-decker?

A Dassault Falcon 900 parked at an airport. 1
What Happened To The Royal Bank of Scotland's Dassault Falcon Private Jet?

RBS operated the jet as G-RBSG from 2002 to 2009.

A Boeing 747SP flying in the sky. 1
The Boeing 747 ASB - The Plane That Almost Replaced The 777

The concept of a Boeing 747 'Advanced Short Body' was scrapped for the twinjet 777.

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Pilatus_SB-2_HB-AEP 1
80+ Years Of Success: A Brief History Of Pilatus Aircraft

For more than 80 years, Pilatus has been building planes in Switzerland.

A Grumman Gulfstream 1 parked at an airfield. 1
65 Years On: What Was The Grumman Gulfstream?

Most examples of the Grumman Gulfstream I were used for VIP transport.

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A310 Taxiing At Shannon Airport. 1
What Happened To Delta Air Lines' Airbus A310s?

The carrier flew two different variants of the type.

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Pan Am Boeing 747 1
How The 1973 Oil Crisis Impacted US Commercial Aviation

Jet fuel crises are nothing new in the airline industry.

A Douglas XTB2D Skypirate about to land. 1
Why Did The Douglas XTB2D 'Skypirate' Never Reach Full-Scale Production?

Only two Skypirate prototypes were ever produced.

Convair 880 Alaska Airlines 1
Built For Speed: Looking Back At The Convair 880

The aircraft was well spotted across the globe.

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