• Delta Air Lines operates over 33,000 weekly flights with a fleet of 964 aircraft, and currently has more than 300 aircraft on order.
  • The majority of Delta's fleet consists of narrowbodies, with 805 in service compared to 159 widebodies.
  • Delta's oldest aircraft is a 34-year-old Boeing 757-200, while its newest addition is a 16-day-old Airbus A321neo.

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest carriers in the world, operating more than 33,000 weekly flights with a fleet of 964 aircraft. Like all airlines worldwide, the airline is recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but its fleet is growing. As of today, Delta has more than 300 aircraft on order.

General overview

A large majority of Delta's aircraft are narrowbodies, 805 to be exact, leaving just 159 widebodies. The oldest aircraft in Delta's fleet is a 34-year-old Boeing 757-200, registered as N649DL. There are three other Boeing 757-200s that are mere months younger than the first. The youngest plane in the Delta fleet is a 16-day-old Airbus A321neo, registered as N542DE.

Data from ch-aviation shows inactive versus active aircraft, but the reason for the aircraft being inactive is unclear; they could be parked or in maintenance.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 ATL
Photo: Lukas Souza | Simple Flying

On the Boeing side, Delta operates the 717 and two variants of the 737 and 757. Breaking it down, Delta has 90 717s, 67 of which are listed as active and the remaining 23 inactive. These aircraft have an average age of 21.7 years.

The 737 is an integral part of Delta's fleet, and the airline has recently added a few aircraft that used to operate for Lyon Air. Delta currently operates the -800 and -900ER and has 100 of the MAX 10 (737-10) on order.

Last year at the Farnborough Air Show, it became the last of the 'big three' American carriers to order 737 MAX aircraft. Read the story here

There are 77 -800s in Delta's fleet, five of which are inactive, and 163 -900ERs, 13 of which are inactive. The average age of the -800 fleet is 22 years, while the -900ERs are much younger, with an average age of 7.7 years.

Only two carriers still operate the 757 in the United States: United Airlines and Delta. Delta has the -200 and -300, with 111 and 16, respectively. Each fleet averages more than 20 years of age.

Delta also has several Airbus narrowbodies in its fleet, from brand-new A220s and A321neos to older 319s, 320s, and 321s. Sixty-two A220s are operated by Delta, split between 45 of the smaller -100 variant, averaging 3.7 years, and 17 -300s, averaging 1.8 years. Sixty-nine A220-300s are yet to be delivered.

Aircraft from the A320 family make up a large chunk of Delta’s fleet, almost 30%. Delta has 57 A319s, 61 A320-200s, 127 A321-200s (A321ceos), and 40 A321neos. The A321neos have an average age of 0.6 years, and Delta expects a further 115.

The widebodies

Though Delta has more Boeing narrowbodies, Airbus wins the widebody ‘battle,’ with 93 aircraft compared to 66 Boeing widebodies. On the Airbus side, Delta operates 11 A330-200s. 31 A330-300s, 23 A330-900s (A330neo) and 28 A350-900s. The airline currently has outstanding orders for 16 A330neos and six A350-900s.

Delta Air Lines Airbus A330neo
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After the early retirement of its Boeing 777 fleet because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta now only operates one Boeing widebody type, the 767. These aircraft are old but still crucial to Delta’s fleet. The 66 767s are split between 45 -300ERs and 21 -400ERs, with an average age of 27.5 and 22.7 years, respectively.

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