• Among the different variants, the Boeing 787-10 has the highest passenger/freight capacity and payload but the shortest range
  • Qantas has now ordered it
  • Across all airlines, the 787-10's longest route in September is Chicago O'Hare-Tokyo Haneda

All Nippon, British Airways, Etihad, EVA Air, KLM, Saudia, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines use the 787-10, to be joined by Qantas in the future. These are the five longest routes in September.

5 Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda

Served daily by United's 318-seat 787-10s, the 5,487-mile (8,831 km) route entered United's network in March 2023. It replaced Narita, which used the 787-10 from October 2022.

United Airlines Boeing 787
Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

UA39 leaves California at 11:40 and arrives in Japan at 15:25 the same following day, a block time of 11h 45m. Returning, UA38 departs at 18:25 and returns home the same day at 12:35.

4 Amsterdam to Los Angeles

KLM has exclusively used the 318-seat 787-10 to Los Angeles since August 2023. Before that, the 5,578-mile (8,978 km) route saw a mixture of equipment, although still primarily the 787-10. Running 11 weekly, Los Angeles is KLM's top destination to see the variant.

KLM 787-10
Photo: GingChen | Shutterstock.

KL601 operates daily, leaving Schiphol at 09:50 and arriving on the West Coast at 11:50 local (11h block). On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, it is supplemented by KL603, which departs at 12:50 and arrives at 14:50. Returning, flights leave for Europe at 13:55 and 16:55.

3 Newark to Tel Aviv

A high-volume market, Newark to Tel Aviv covers 5,692 miles (9,160 km), making it the third-longest 787-10 route worldwide. As you would expect, it is operated by United.

United 787-10 Newark-Tel Aviv
Image: GCMap.

United has double-daily year-round Israel flights from its East Coast hub. UA84 departs from Newark at 16:35 (arriving at 09:55+1), followed by UA90 at 23:05 (16:20+1). They have a block time of 10h 10m and 10h 15m respectively. As the return flights fly into the wind, block time rises to 11h 55m. UA85 leaves at 12:00 (arrives at 16:55), while UA91 is at 23:25 (04:20+1).

2 Taipei to Seattle

In fourth place in September and the first route involving an Asian carrier is EVA Air between Taipei to Seattle. Covering 6,074 miles (9,775 km), it first saw the 342-seat 787-10 in summer 2022.

While it operated alongside the smaller 787-9 until May 2023, it became exclusively operated by the 787-10 in June and continues that way until October. Then, the 787-10 and 777-300ER will operate. Running daily, BR26 leaves Taiwan at 23:40 and arrives in Seattle at 19:30 local the same day, a block time of 10h 50m.

Back to Asia, BR25 departs at 01:30 to return at 05:10+1, some 12h 40m later. Given the duration and EVA Air's fairly high-density config, which is heavier and therefore burns more fuel, the return may be somewhat payload restricted.

1 Chicago O'Hare to Tokyo Haneda

The world's longest 787-10 route in September is United between O'Hare and Haneda. While it is first by distance as it covers 6,305 miles (10,147 km), it is also number one by maximum block time too.

United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Photo: Lukas Souza | Simple Flying.

Served daily, the outbound flight to Japan has a block of 12h 50m, the highest of all the variant's routes. UA881 leaves at 13:05 and arrives at 15:55 a day later. Coming back, it is 11h 50m, with UA882 going at 17:45 and returning the same day at 15:35.

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