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Home to American Airlines, Boeing, and JFK Airport, the United States leads the way with aerospace exports by a wide margin. Follow for the latest from the birthplace of modern aviation.


A Southwest aircraft, in between the words Perks Southwest Rapid Rewards. 1
Southwest Airlines' Rapid Rewards Program: What Are The Hidden Perks?

The Rapid Rewards loyalty program is tied to Southwest Airlines flights, but there are ways to maximize value.

United Airlines Boeing 787 1
43 US Airports Have Non-Stop Europe Routes Next Month

All of these airports have scheduled passenger flights to Europe in September.

Rapid Rewards - Tiers 1
The Different Tiers Of Southwest Airlines' Rapid Rewards Program

Southwest Airlines has a simple elite system, but with some benefits in mileage bonuses and onboard savings

American Airlines A321 take off 1
Huge Hub: Where American Airlines’ Dallas Passengers Actually Fly

104,000 passengers a day transferred between American flights at Dallas in the first five months of the year.

Four fighter jets of the Blue Angles in formation. 1
Blue Angels: Five Fun Facts About The US Navy's Display Team

The US Navy and Marines' premier demonstration team has been wowing spectators since 1946.

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How To Spend Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points

Spending points for Southwest Airlines flights is the main focus.

Aer_Lingus_Airbus_A330-302_EI-EDY_approaching_EWR_Airport (1) 1
US Customs & Border Preclearance At Irish Airports: Everything You Need To Know

Ireland it a top destination for American tourists.

Air China 747-8 taxiing 1
The United States And China Have Agreed To Double Flights Between Countries

The weekly round-trip flights between the two countries will double starting October 29.

Delta A330neo landing 1
20 Routes: Here's Where Delta Is Flying Its Airbus A330neos

There is one domestic route alongside its long-haul network.

Etihad Airways Boeing 787 1
Etihad Airways Plans 11% More North America Flights Next Summer

Is it helped by Etihad's coming Boston route, the carrier's first passenger destination in North America since 2014.

Rapid Rewards - Earn 1
The Different Ways To Earn Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points

With Rapid Rewards, you can earn points with Southwest Airlines plus through a network of non-flying partners.

A Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on display in a museum. 1
The US States With Preserved Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Aircraft

A look at all the museums in the United States where you can still see a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 flying in the sky. 1
What Are The Oldest Planes In Delta Air Lines' Fleet?

The US legacy carrier has many aircraft at its disposal that have exceeded the 30-year mark.

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A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 taking off. 1
Spirit Airlines' Big Front Seats: Everything You Need To Know

Are these premium spaces worth the cost of an upgrade?

My Plane to Juneau - Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700 on the Petersburg, Alaska tarmac 1
Up To 68 Miles: The USA’s Shortest Scheduled Jet Flights In August

These are the five shortest scheduled passenger jet flights.

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Fireworks going off at the Burning Man Festival. 1
Did You Know: The Burning Man Festival Has Its Own Temporary Desert Airport

Every year, volunteers create a temporary airport that serves Burning Man.

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Air Algerie A330 landing 1
North America Has Just 3 Daytime Routes To Africa This Summer

Daytime flights are rare. All of these are operating, including one with a weekly service.

Air India Boeing 777-300ER taking off 1
Airlines Are Planning A Record Number Of Non-Stop US-India Flights This Winter

Planned winter flights are 28% higher than the previous record, but will they all go ahead?