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Journalist - Giacomo has almost three years of experience as an aviation journalist. At the University of Surrey, he pursued a master's in Air Transport Management. His main areas of expertise include network and fleet planning, airline partnerships, and airline strategy. Currently based in Italy.

C-FKPT Air Canada Airbus A320-211 1
Revealed: Canada's 5 Most Relaxing Airports

Traveling by plane can be stressful. Therefore, it might be useful to know which airports offer the most relaxing experience in Canada.

Norwegian Boeing 737 At Rome Ciampino Airport 1
Rome Ciampino: The Story Of Italy's Oldest Airport

Not only is Rome one of the world's oldest cities, but it is also the home of Italy's oldest airport.

N589NW Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-351 (3) 1
How Often Do Airliners Have Their Tires Changed?

Aircraft tires are exposed to enormous forces and stress. After how many flight cycles do they need changing?

Continental Airlines B757 at Las Vegas  1
Top 5: The Most Significant Airline Mergers In Aviation History

Following deregulation, airline mergers have successfully ensured financial stability and growth.

Boliviana de Aviacion at El Alto Airport 1
Top 5: The World's Highest Commercial Airports Outside Of China

All five of them are located in South America, with Bolivia dominating.

FedEx DC-10  1
Three Cool Modified Versions Of The McDonnell Douglas DC-10

The DC-10 came in different variants, from military to freight.

OH-LWI Finnair Airbus A350-941 (1) 1
How Finnair Is Recycling Old Uniforms Into Park Benches

Finnair has developed a revolutionary recycling campaign turning old uniforms into composite materials used to realize outdoor furniture.

EI-IKU ITA Airways Airbus A320-214 (1) 1
Top 5: Rome Fiumicino Airport's Busiest Routes In August 2023

An analysis of Fiumicino's busiest routes in August shows the relevance of domestic traffic for Italy's largest airport.

EI-EJO ITA Airways Airbus A330-202 (4) 1
Top 3: Italy's Largest Airlines By Fleet Size

Italy is a crucial aviation market in Europe. Do you know which are the largest Italian airlines in terms of number of aircraft operated?

Ryanair and easyJet aircraft taxiing at London Luton Airport. 1
Five Top Tips For First-Time Travelers On European Budget Carriers

If you have never flown with European low-cost carriers before, these tips can help you make the most of your experience.

Detail of a private jet (engine) 1
These Are The Five Busiest US Airports For Private Jet Traffic

Private jets often operate at secondary airports to provide a premium experience to customers. Can you name the top five airports in the US?

Phenom 300 by Embraer  1
What Went Wrong With Jet It & Does Fractional Ownership Work?

With Jet It exiting the scene, Simple Flying investigated the causes and the feasibility of fractional ownership in the private jet market.

A7-ANE Qatar Airways (Oneworld Livery) Airbus A350-1041 (2) 1
Qatar Airways Airbus A350 Diverts To Seoul After Suspected Oil Leak

Flight 806 landed safely at Incheon International Airport after the pilots suspected an oil leak in one of the aircraft's two engines.

The wing of an airbus A380 in flight 1
Top 5: The Largest Airliners By Wingspan

Without wings, aircraft could not fly. Have you ever asked yourself which jetliners have the longest wingspan?

U-2 Dragon Lady spyplane  1
How An Aging Spy Plane Enabled Communication Between Different Generation Fighter Jets

Thanks to an Open Systems Gateway (OSG) payload, the aging U-2 spy plane enabled communication between the F-35 and F-22.

A Finnair Airbus A350-941 flying in the sky. 1
5 Ways To Maximize Comfort In Economy Class During A Flight

Flying economy class can be better than one might think. Here are some tips to enhance your comfort onboard.

Fighter jets  1
Do Fighter Jets Experience Turbulence?

Given their different structure, fighter jets experience turbulence in a different way compared to commercial airliners.

Lufthansa A320neo  1
Air Travel In The Schengen Area: Everything You Need To Know

Traveling to Europe is a dream for many. However, before setting off for your trip, you should get familiar with the rules of the Schengen area.

A British Airways Boeing 777-236(ER) flying in the sky. 1
Why Most Aircraft Seats Don't Have Over-The-Shoulder Seatbelts Like Cars

Based on the different forces to which passengers are subjected during flight, aircraft seatbelts are different from those you find in cars.

A Boeing BBJ 777 flying above mountainous terrain. 1
The 5 Most Amazing Boeing Business Jets

Leveraging the success of its commercial jets, Boeing Business Jets target the private market offering a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

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