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Why Did Delta Air Lines Take On The Douglas DC-4?

The airline was one of several major carriers to operate the four-engine piston plane in the mid-20th century.

Did You Know: KLM Operated Every Douglas Aircraft From The DC-2 To The DC-10

KLM is the only airline to have to operated all the Douglas Aircraft from the DC-2 onwards.

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What Happened To British Carrier Air Ferry Limited?

Air Ferry Ltd was a British charter airline based in Manston, Kent, which terminated all services in 1968.

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On This Day In 1955 United Airlines Flight 409 Crashed In Wyoming

The story of how a United Airlines DC-4 crashed in the Rocky Mountains after deviating from its flight path.

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The Two-Day Hijacking Of Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight 648

The incident occurred 56 years ago this week.

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In Memoriam: Queen Elizabeth's Aviation Heritage - How She Flew

Despite having a fleet of military and private jets as well as helicopters at her disposal, the Queen sometimes traveled commercial.

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On This Day: The Canadair North Star Makes Its 1st Flight

The story of the Canadair North Star.

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Disappearance Over Lake Michigan: The Story Of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501

The cause of the accident was filed as "unknown" by authorities and the main wreckage has never been found.

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What Was The SNCASE SE.161 Languedoc?

100 Languedoc aircraft were built and saw service through the late 1940s and 1950s, mainly in France and Africa.

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Reliable Propeller: 80 Years Of The Douglas DC-4

The DC-4 was fitted with a modest autopilot system that relayed altitude and directional hold.

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