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Lead Journalist - Southwest Pacific -.A Masters level education and appetite for travel combine to make Andrew an incredible aviation brain with decades of insight behind him. Andrew’s first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Australian airlines adds exciting depth and color to his work. Andrew is based in Sydney.

Inside the cockpit of a Hurricane Hunter aircraft  1
Here's Why The US Government Flies Aircraft Into Hurricanes

Hurricanes Hunters help provide real-time data to the NHC.

British Airways Concorde Landing 1
How Much Did It Cost To Fly On Concorde?

Fares slowly went up which drove down load factors.

Emirates Airbus A380 landing in snow 1
Why The Airbus A380 Is Only Equipped With Reverse Thrust On Its Inside Engines

It's a big and magnificent bird. But with its massive size, why does it only have reverse thrusters on two of its four engines?

Wizz Air Airbus A321 Inflight 1
Wizz Air Offers More Free Tickets To Ukrainians But Also Plans A Return To Moscow

Wizz Air is playing both sides in the Ukrainian/Russian conflict with more free tickets for embattled Ukrainians while planning a return to Moscow.

American Airlines Boeing 737 Tail Livery 1
American Airlines Eyes 8 Roundtrip Flights A Day To Havana

American Airlines has asked the US DOT to let it increase its 6 daily roundtrip flights between Miami and Havana to 8 daily roundtrip flights.

Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 1
Air New Zealand Cuts Down 6-Month Flight Schedule Due To Staff Sickness

Air New Zealand is getting on the front foot and proactively canceling flights over the next 6 months to avoid disruptive last-minute cancelations.

Qantas A380 landing in Sydney 1
Qantas Engineers Vote For One Minute Strike Action From Late August

Engineers at Qantas, Jetstar, and Network Aviation will commence industrial action later this month, starting with one-minute work stoppages.

Alliance Airlines aircraft at Adelaide Air 1
Alliance Airlines Contract & Wet Lease Flying Spikes In FY2022

Alliance Airlines has just released its results for the 2022 financial year, revealing big gains in its core wet lease and contract business.

Emirates A380 Inflight 1
Emirates Wants To Spend $2 Billion Improving Its Soft Product

Emirates is promising refurbished cabins and new menus as part of multi-billion dollar investment in its soft product.

United(Her Art Here -New York _ New Jersey Livery) Boeing 757-224  1
You Can Now Be A Pilot Or Air Traffic Controller In United Airlines’ App

Joining United's flight simulator game on their mobile app is Cleared to Land, a new game where you can practice your air traffic controller skills.

Qantas Boeing 737-800 Landing 1
Unlucky: 3 Incidents In 3 Days For Qantas Boeing 737-800s

In a run of bad luck, the Qantas Boeing 737-800 fleet has experienced 3 incidents in 3 days, including a lightning strike and flames from an engine.

Boeing 737 MAX 10 inflight 1
Boeing's Monthly Deliveries Halve In July

Boeing had a pretty ordinary July with only 26 planes delivered and 126 net orders while rival Airbus comfortably bested Boeing on both counts.

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER 1
Air New Zealand To Remove Boeing 777s From Victorville Storage Facility

Air New Zealand is preparing the first of four Boeing 777-300ERs to leave the long-term aircraft storage park at Victorville.

MC-21-300 aircraft fitted with PD-14 engines 1
Russia Tipped To Remove Pratt & Whitney Engines From Test MC-21s

Irkut plans to retrofit Russian-made Aviadvigatel PD-14 engines on an MC-21-300 jet after removing Pratt & Whitney engines from the plane.

FlyPelican Jetstream 32 Turboprop at Taree Airport 1
FlyPelican Takes Over From Rex On The Sydney - Bathurst Route

FlyPelican reckons they can do what Regional Express (Rex) couldn't do - make flights between Sydney and Bathurst financially viable.

Sun Country Airlines Boeing 737 Denver Airport 1
Labor Shortages & Training Challenges Squeeze Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines has posted a Q2 2022 net loss of US$3.9 million, blaming training challenges limiting scheduled services and charter growth.

Airbus A321neo 1
Wow: Airbus Clocked Over 400 New Aircraft Orders In July

Airbus had a very good July, recording 401 new aircraft orders including orders for 292 planes from four Chinese state-owned airlines.

Alliance Airlines Fokker F50 1
Alliance Airlines Sells 5 Fokker 50s For $4.6 Million

Alliance Airlines is becoming an all-jet airline after confirming the sale of its last five Fokker F50 turboprops

Flair Airlines Boeing 737 1
Flair Airlines To Move LA Flights From Burbank To LAX

Flair Airlines is switching its Los Angles operations from Hollywood Burbank to LAX on October 31.

Qantas Airbus A330-200 at Brisbane Airport 1
Qantas Wants 100 Execs To Work As Ground Handlers For 3 Months

In a leaked internal memo, Qantas CCO is asking for 100 volunteers from the airline's senior ranks to work as ground handlers for three months.

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