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Indonesia Plans Merger Of Garuda Indonesia, Citilink & Pelita Air

The three carriers currently hold a third of the Indonesian market.

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International Expansion: COMAC Opens An Office In Indonesia

COMAC has set up its first overseas customer service office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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And That Makes Two: COMAC Delivers Second ARJ21 To TransNusa

Two months after its initial commercial operation, TransNusa Airlines has received its second ARJ21 aircraft from COMAC.

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SAM Air Cessna Caravan With Four Passengers Crashes In Papau 

The aircraft lost contact shortly after takeoff, and helicopter search and rescue have since identified a crash site.

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East Timor's Aero Dili Launches Flights To Denpasar

Its return flight carried only 36 passengers.

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Qatar Airways Boeing 777 Diverts To Bangkok After Injuries Due To Turbulence

Several passengers were treated for injuries sustained during turbulence over the Bay of Bengal.

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Spain's CASA/IPTN CN-235 Transport Aircraft: Everything You Need To Know

The CN-235 can be used in military and civilian roles.

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Indonesia’s TransNusa Plans COMAC ARJ21 Flights To Kuala Lumpur

After completing 100 hours of proving flights, TransNusa is ready to put its first ARJ21 aircraft into commercial operation.

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Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER 1
Lion Air Boeing 737 Collides With Terminal

The aircraft’s right wingtip struck a jet bridge while taxing and no injuries have been reported.

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What Happened To Indonesian Carrier Adam Air?

Corruption and safety concerns led to the demise of Adam Air.

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Indonesia Warns Airlines To Comply With Flight Rules After Jetstar Incident

A Jetstar flight between Melbourne and Bali had to divert after being denied entrance to the Indonesian airspace in December 2022.

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Lion Air Group May Add 80 New Aircraft In 2023

The airline group needs more planes for its network expansion plans.

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Disputed Causes: The Mystery Of SilkAir Flight 185

The lengthy and dramatic investigation reached two conflicting conclusions: an act of pilot suicide and a faulty component.

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18 Years Ago Today: The Runway Overrun Involving Lion Air Flight 538

Aquaplaning was found to have been a factor in the accident.

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Lion Air Boeing 737’s Left Engine Catches Fire

The aircraft was on a routine domestic flight.

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Emirates Launches Batik Air Codeshare Agreement

The codeshare agreement will connect Emirates passengers with 25 new destinations across the Indonesian archipelago.

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Garuda Indonesia’s New Business Plan Could See It Remove First Class Seats

The airline has already retrofitted most of its long-haul fleet to remove first class seating.

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Super Air Jet Adds Another Airbus A320 From CDB Aviation

Indonesian LCC Super Air Jet is now one year old and sticking to its policy of an Airbus A320-200 aircraft fleet for its domestic operations.

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The Most Notable New Airline Routes This Week

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