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How Much Are Private Jet Flight Attendants Paid?

Do private jet crew earn more than commercial cabin crew?

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How Do You Become A Flight Attendant On A Private Jet?

Exmaing the secrets of finding work on private jets.

United Airline Douglas DC-8-61 N8082U Landing In SeattlePhoto: Clint Groves via Wikimedia Commons 1
United Airlines Flight 173: A Cabin Crew Perspective

The accident should never have happened, but it did help to shape CRM training.

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12 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Flight Attendant

It's easy to make a common mistake when talking to your flight attendant.

A photo of the Kaipainen family. 1
A Family Affair: The Relatives That Work Together At Finnair

Meet the Kaipainens, the wonderful flying Finnair family.

2019-079 - Zoom on American Airlines Boeing 787 With Beacon On 1
American Airlines Staff Pickets: What's The Latest?

American Airlines' employee work groups are seeking more pay during contract renegotiations.

BA 747-200 G-BDXN at LHR 1
British Airways Flight 009 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

The Boeing 747 that became a glider over the Indian Ocean...

An OzJet aircraft flying in the sky. 1
Ozjet Flight 331 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

A little-known incident that prepared for landing on water.

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Emirates' Diverse Team Of Cabin Crew Grows To More Than 20,000

Emirates is celebrating surpassing 20,000 cabin crew employees. Read on to see the training required, opportunities and basic requirements.

An Alaska Airlines MD-83 taxiing to the runway. 1
Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

A sad catastrophe for sister airlines.

An Dassault Falcon 900B parked at an airport. 1
What Does A Typical Private Jet Cabin Crew's Schedule Look Like?

Is there a roster or are they always on standby?

A Bombardier Global 8000 Turning Above The Clouds. 1
Chengdu Airlines Cabin Crew 1
9 Uniform Standards Cabin Crew Live By

So many rules and regulations!

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A Global 7500 Bombardier taking off from London City Airport. 1
10 Crazy Things In Cabin Crew Training For Private Jets

A little beyond the extra mile for cabin crew.

BA cabin crew members walking in uniform near a lineup of aircraft. 1
8 Rules That Cabin Crew Must Not Break

Airlines have many strict rules and regulations

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The 1960s New York Collision - A Cabin Crew Perspective

A tale of two flights that ended in tragedy.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Continental Airlines on ground 1
Continental Airlines Flight 603 : A Cabin Crew Perspective

Fatal flaws and lessons learned...

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew members standing near an aircraft. 1
7 Ways Flight Attendants Stay Healthy

It's not always easy...

Douglas DC-9 on ground 1
ALM Antillean Airlines Flight 980 - A Cabin Crew Perspective

One of the first intentional ditching in the ocean by an airline jet.