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AirAsia India Airbus A320 1
Bird Strike Forces AirAsia India’s Airbus A320 To Turn Back

The incident took place on an evening departure from Delhi.

Passenger jet airliner with a flock of bird 1
Could Engine Mesh Covers Help Prevent Bird Strikes?

More damage could be done.

Air China Cargo Boeing 747 1
Air China Boeing 747-400F Returns To Amsterdam After Bird Strike

The cargo aircraft was bound for Shanghai, but experienced a bird strike shortly after departure from Amsterdam.

A320 N106US US Airways 1
The Miracle On The Hudson - The Full Story

It has now been over 14 years since the incident occurred.

AirAsia Philippines Airbus A320s 1
AirAsia Philippines Battles Birdstikes But Maintains On-Time Performance

With lightning and bird strikes on the rise at its home base in Manila, AirAsia Philippines has recorded a solid OTP in 1H2023.

Bonza B737-8 MAX VH-UJK WTB 17-04-2023 1
Bonza Adjusts Network To Boost Reliability And Add Flights On Popular Routes

Birds and bats have caused havoc to Bonza and now the airline is adjusting its network to buffer itself from any more unexpected surprises.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 (N452WN).  1
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Suffers Bird Strike Landing At Hollywood Burbank Airport

The aircraft has since reentered normal operations after reportedly undergoing a maintenance review.

Air France Airbus A350 departing Toronto Pearson Airport 1
Bird Strike Crushes Nose Of Air France Airbus A350 In Osaka

Air France AF291 declared an emergency and returned to Osaka less than three hours into its 12-hour-long return leg to Paris.

The top of the body and a portion of the wing of the US Airways A320 sticking out from the surface of the Hudson River surrounded by Coast Guard rescue boats. 1
Chicken Cannons: How Aviation Companies Simulate Bird Strikes

A bizarre yet accurate method used to plan and prepare for high-speed bird encounters.

An ANA Boeing 777 in BB-8 Star Wars Livery. 1
History: How ANA Painted Eyes On Its Planes To Reduce Bird Strikes

Japan’s All Nippon Airways significantly minimized bird strikes by painting bogus eyes on jet engines.

An aircraft flying next to a flock of birds. 1
How Often Do Planes Experience Bird Strikes?

Almost fifty bird strikes are reported daily on average. Only a fraction of those cause any significant damage.

flydubai Boeing 737 1
flydubai Nepal Manager Banned From Kathmandu Airport Over 'Bird Strike' Incident

Flight FZ576 encountered a problem on departure from Kathmandu - the cause of which is now being disputed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Boeing 737-800 white. 1
Engine Of Boeing 737 Carrying Arsenal Women’s Football Team Bursts Into Flames

The team was able to evacuate the aircraft safely.

American Airlines Boeing 737 1
American Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Flames Out After Bird Strike

An American Airlines 737-800 was forced to turn back after being struck by a flock of geese in Columbus yesterday.

CommutAir ERJ-145 1
CommutAir Embraer E145 Significantly Damaged After Bird Strike To Both Engines

The aircraft continued its flight and landed safely.

Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747F at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 1
Nairobi Runway Closes After Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747 Bird Strike

Flights out of Nairobi have been suspended, and passengers are advised to contact their airlines to confirm the status of their flights.

LATAM Airbus A320 airplane Cartagena airport (CTG) in Colombia. 1
Video: LATAM Colombia Airbus A320 Suffers Bird Strike

This bird strike highlights the increase of birds in Colombian airports, a worrying trend that has been cautioned by local airlines in the past.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737MAX8 landing at LAX 1
Southwest 737 MAX Makes Emergency Landing In Cuba

A new 737-8 suffered a bird strike in Havana and was forced to make an emergency landing, with passengers deplaning via evacuation slides.

IndiGo Airbus A320neo 1
IndiGo Airbus A320 Diverts To Ahmedabad Following Bird Strike

The low-cost carrier encountered a bird strike shortly after take-off, forcing a diversion to Ahmedabad.

N106US at Carolina's Aviation Museum 1
Miracle On The Hudson: 14 Years On

14 years on from US1549's fateful flight from New York to Charlotte, we look back on the dramatic events that unfolded.