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White Airbus passenger jetliner with US Airways livery flying in blue sky 1
Five Ways In Which Flying Is Different To How It Was In 2000?

From intensified security measures to fees for perks, the air travel experience is significantly different today.

Street view of San Francisco International Airport passenger terminal at dusk with vehicles parked in front 1
When Were San Francisco International Airport’s Various Runways & Terminals Opened?

The airport’s facilities have evolved over 90 years to accommodate increasing air travel.

Man in a beige jacket using the touch screen in a seatback entertainment system wearing headphones 1
5 Of The Best Noise-Canceling Headphone Models For Passengers Looking To Travel In Peace

Our list of headphones with outstanding noise-cancelation technology and battery life.

Nighttime photo of several parked jetliners outside the terminal buildings at Los Angeles International Airport 1
Top 3: The Largest US West Coast Air Hubs By Passenger Numbers

Passenger volume at these hubs is bolstered by post-pandemic international travel.

Three gray fighter jets fly in formation over water with an island in the background 1
20 Years Of Service: A Brief Guide To The Eurofighter Typhoon

The swing-role fighter jet is the cornerstone of air defense for its customer nations.

Close-up image of two turbofan engines on a parked Boeing jet 1
Airline Bosses Are Losing Sleep Over The Next Meltdown: How Predictive Maintenance Could Help

Emerging technology can improve safety and help airlines run more efficiently.

White Boeing 737 with Alaska Airlines livery flies over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 1
Why Are Alaska Airlines’ Main Hubs Outside Alaska?

How a series of mergers and acquisitions led to strategic hubs on the West Coast.

A Black-and-white photo of an aircraft on the ground with only its tail left intact as bystanders approach the scene. 1
A Lufthansa jet parked at the terminal with two Sky Chefs trucks driving away. 1
Airline Special Meals & Their Codes: Everything You Need To Know

Our guide to the various special airline meals that accommodate dietary restrictions and religious traditions.

A United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 flying through the sky at sunset. 1
Choosing The Right Airline: Factors To Consider For A Pleasant Journey

From cost to in-flight entertainment to pet accommodations, here’s our summary of the primary decision points.

A Boeing 737 MAX 10 flying in the sky. 1
Two Years Since Its First Flight: What’s The Latest With The Boeing 737 MAX 10?

Boeing forges ahead with its newest 737 MAX variant despite certification and supply chain challenges.

A Delta Air Lines aircraft on a taxiway at Boston Logan Airport with the Boston skyline in the background. 1
Which Airports Have Missing Terminal Numbers And Why?

Delving into the oddity of missing terminal numbers at major airports.

Four military fighter jets flying in a  1
Why Do Military Aircraft Often Fly In Formation?

The basic principles of flying in formation and how they are utilized in the military.

A United Express jet taxiing at Indianapolis International Airport. 1
How The Indianapolis 500 Impacts Aviation

We dive into the special accommodations and flight procedures implemented during race weekend.

The top of the body and a portion of the wing of the US Airways A320 sticking out from the surface of the Hudson River surrounded by Coast Guard rescue boats. 1
Chicken Cannons: How Aviation Companies Simulate Bird Strikes

A bizarre yet accurate method used to plan and prepare for high-speed bird encounters.

Airplane Loading Bags 1
Why & How Often Does Luggage Get Lost?

Millions of bags are mishandled every year, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

A white and gray transport aircraft with Russian lettering on its side being assembled in a hangar. 1
How Antonov Upgraded The An-2 To Produce The An-3

A new turboprop engine and other mechanical modifications improved upon a classic utility aircraft.

A white jetliner takes off from the runway at JFK airport with the New York City skyline in the backgroundl 1
Airplane In Fog 1
Flying In Fog: What Procedures Are In Place To Keep Planes & Their Occupants Safe?

How modern technology and standardized procedures help pilots deal with the challenges of flying in fog conditions.

Raymonde de Laroche behind the controls of an early aircraft 1
Raymonde de Laroche: The Life & Times Of The World's First Licensed Female Pilot

The aviation pioneer overcame adversity and injuries to reach new heights.

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