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While training as a Student Pilot, Abid is also pursuing an associate degree in Aviation Management. Having spent over a decade in the Middle East and flown a variety of carriers in the region, he is familiar with many of the airlines' products and services. His favorite aircraft is the Airbus A380, with 20+ flights logged on the type. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Riyadh Air 787 flying 1
Niche Market: The Difference Between Riyadh Air & Its Neighbors

The airline is aiming to serve up to 100 destinations by 2030.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 787  1
Biman Bangladesh Restarts Dhaka To Tokyo Narita Flights After 17 Years

The route will be served thrice a week with the airline's Dreamliner aircraft.

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER at an airport gate 1
SWISS Crew Caught Taking Selfies On Wing Of Boeing 777

There are safer places to take pictures from than on a wing 16 feet above the ground.

Lufthansa Airbus A350 taking off 1
What Happens When A Pilot Decides To Abort Takeoff

A series of calculations are required to be carried out for safely aborting a takeoff.

Airbus livery A380 1
Could An All Airbus A380 Low Cost Carrier Work?

An analysis considering the viability of the Airbus A380 for a low-cost carrier.

DXB Lounge 1
Review: Ahlan Lounge At Dubai International Terminal 3

Ahlan is an Arabic word used for greeting, which translates to "Hello" or "Welcome".

An Emirates Airbus A380 taking off. 1
5 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Dubai International Airport

With over 40 million passengers handled just this year, Dubai International is one of the largest global hubs.

Emirates Airbus A380 new livery 1
Could The Airbus A380 Be Redesigned To Make It Profitable?

10 of the 14 initial operators of the type have the A380s in service today.

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 flying 1
Ryanair Receives Fine For Not Compensating Passengers During Previous Cabin Crew Strike

Around 320 flights were cancelled across the two days in 2018.

Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 flying 1
Etihad U-Turns On Moscow Expansion Plans

The airline is planning to use larger aircraft on this route instead.

Kingdom Holding Boeing 747 taking off 1
Saudi Arabian Private Boeing 747 Flies Neymar From Europe

At the time, it was the most followed flight on flight tracking services.

American Airlines 787  1
American Airlines Becomes Latest Airline To Sue Skiplagged

Recently the airline barred a teenager from flying with the carrier for three years for trying to use skiplag tickets.

Wright Flyer  1
5 Notable Aviation Pioneers That History Forgot

We, humans, have been trying to fly since the late 1700s.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 1
Ryanair Flight 4102: The Irish Low Cost Carrier's Only Hull Loss

The incident occurred in Rome more than a decade ago.

JetBlue A22-300 flying  1
JetBlue Extends 14 Year Florida Panthers Sponsorship Agreement

This partnership is part of the airline's broader plans to expand operations within South Florida.

Malaysia Airlines A330 flying 1
Malaysia Airlines Passenger Charged With Fake Bomb Threat

As a result, 32 domestic flights from Sydney were cancelled.

PW1100G-JM_Engine test stand 1
Pratt & Whitney Engine Issues: The Latest Impact To Airlines

With 57 airlines affected around the world, this is a global issue.

A Red Bull aircraft flying in the sky. 1
5 Famous Air Races From The Past & Present

A guide on the exciting world of aerial racing.

WestJet Boeing 737-700 on ground 1
WestJet Boeing 737 Collides With Royal Canadian Air Force Hercules

Fortunately, none of the passengers or crew were injured.

London City Airport Runway 27 1
New High Speed Scanners At London City Airport Reduce Security Wait Times

The security team can now process 30% more passengers.

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